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  • Plumbers Kensington SA

    Are you seeking the services of a reliable Kensington, 5068, plumber for your home or business? Abbey Plumbing are your Adelaide inner suburbs plumbing specialists; for all your domestic and commercial plumbing requirements. Did you know that Abbey Plumbing is one of the most advanced plumbing outfits in South Australia? Underground Pipe Refurbishment Technology means that they can repair your broken underground pipes without digging up your home’s garden or paved landscaping. No mess, less cost and the peace of mind of newly refurbished plumbing pipes. Danny Boy, those pipes are singing beautifully!

  • Hot Water Bills Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

    Welcome to the twenty first century and a whole new world of cost saving and energy saving hot water heating technologies. Banish your old electric tank hot water unit to the Museum of South Australia; and prepare to be amazed. Gas continuous flow hot water systems only heat the hot water you actually use; they are far more efficient and can save you money. Solar powered hot water heaters are eminently suitable for Adelaide’s climatic conditions; this technology will save you money on your power bills. The heat pump is, possibly, the most exciting and revolutionary hot water heating innovation on the market; yes more savings here too. Talk to a plumber from Abbey Plumbing, regarding your Kensington residence or business, and you will be taking a step in the right direction.

  • Emergency Plumbing in Kensington SA

    When your plumbing goes on the blink, you haven’t time to think, and a bit of a panic sets in; especially on the weekend or afterhours. Plumbing failures can happen at any time, even on Christmas day. Abbey Plumbing promises you that they will be on call 24/7 for your plumbing crisis or emergency. When "it" hits the fan, when your toilet won’t flush, when your water is stone cold, when your pipes are broken, when your tap won’t stop dripping, whatever it is; an Abbey Plumbing emergency plumber will be there. You only have to call and they will be on their way!

  • Designer Bathrooms & Kitchens

    Our homes are our pride and joy. Sometimes, it is time to upgrade and renovate them; especially bathrooms and kitchens. These two rooms are the most hotly pursued renovating projects in South Australian households and globally. We seem to love bathing and cooking in specifically designed spaces. Abbey Plumbing can professionally install all your desired bathroom and kitchen fittings and fixtures. Talk to them today about your requirements.

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