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    We specialise in complete bathroom renovations in Stirling and the greater Adelaide Hills. Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary bathroom design, we can help you. Let’s chat about your taste, lifestyle and budget – and we’ll come up with the perfect bathroom design for you.

    Common bathroom renovation mistakes

    Congratulations if you’ve decided to upgrade your bathroom. It’s such an exciting journey, and one, which will result in something amazing – your new bathroom. But renovating your bathroom can get tricky, if there’s no prior planning. Before you talk to a bathroom renovation company, here are a few things you might like to consider first.

    • Hire licensed tradespeople

    This might seem obvious but a lot of people think a bathroom renovation can be a DIY project. Always engage a registered and insured team of tradesmen, especially when there’s plumbing and electrical work involved.

    • Don’t overcapitalise

    Bathrooms are one of the rooms you can spend a little more on, but your renovation shouldn’t cost you more than it needs to – or more than you can afford. Come to your bathroom renovation company with a budget in mind, so they’ve got something to work with.

    • Plan your bathroom renovation

    Creating a timeline will help you plan and budget well. Is there a special event that you’d like your new bathroom ready by? A child’s birthday party? A housewarming? Christmas day? Maybe a relative is staying over for some time? Think about everything that will affect the progress of your bathroom renovation, and plan accordingly.

    About Us

    Our team of bathroom renovation specialists have many years of experience. We’ve worked on all types of new designs and renovations, including luxury bathrooms, specialist bathrooms, and small and large bathrooms.

    Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we can recognise any potential problems before they arise. This saves you money, and saves us time. Fully insured and licensed, we always let you, our customer, how the project is evolving.

    Think of us as your bathroom team – we have plumbers, tilers and plasterers, all from the one company. No more having to call around to find different skilled tradespeople

    And we cater for all budgets, so give us a call today – no matter how big or small your project is. We’d love to be part of your bathroom renovation journey. Let’s get started now – give us a call today.