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    Gordon, the owner of Cockatoo Roof Restoration has a brilliant reputation throughout Adelaide, not only for high quality workmanship, but the lowest prices. Gordon is so confident his prices are the best that he will beat any legitimate written quote.

    Over the years Gordon has seen quotes that are thousands more than what they should be, and has helped many customers get a fair price on their roofing.

    So whether you see Gordon first, or see him last, make sure you do see him and hear how he can provide the highest quality service and save you thousands.

    2.5(based on 11 reviews)
    • I used Cockatoo for our rental. The landlord was happy with the result. Thanks. Nygen 10/26/2016
    • DO NOT TRUST GORDON WILSON!!!!!!! DO NOT TRUST ANY POSITIVE REVIEWS ABOUT THIS GUY OR HIS BUSINESS!!!!! The will have most likely been written by his mates. If you are thinking about hiring him for ANY work because of the low prices that he offers, THINK AGAIN!!!!! DO NOT get sucked in to providing a deposit up front. He will ask you for this deposit to lock in a start date and get the work done. But he will not hold up his end of the bargain because he will use your job as a filler job. His quality of work is atrocious and 100% does not comply with Australian standards. My property inspector inspected Gordon's work and he was apalled that someone could provide such low quality as a tradesman and try to pass it up as Aussie standards. I've had to spend more money fixing the damage he caused due to poor workmanship than if I had got someone else offering a higher quote. Put simply, Gordon will steal your hard earned money, and damage your house even more instead of actually fixing it. STAY AWAY and do yourself a favour - pick a reputable trademan who knows what their doing and quotes you a more expensive job. You'll be sorry if you don't. Robbed and cheated 06/25/2018
    • My home is a shambles because of Gordon. He has no conscience and morals and all he thinks about is himself and stealing money from unsuspecting customers - who, as you can read from above, have damaged and leaking homes as a result of his dodgy work. Do not get fooled by his 'friendly' approach because this is what scammers like to do. They befriend you, take your money and run. Meanwhile, you are left having to chase up someone that doesn't return your calls. DO NOT GIVE THIS PERSON MONEY UPFRONT!!! PLEASE DO NOT!!!! He is a con and a scammer, and something needs to be done about his business, because what he does is downright illegal! Homeless because of Gordon 07/31/2018
    • Gordon will ask for your money to coax your into believing that in doing so, he will do the work required. He will then take your money and leave you waiting weeks before any work is even started. He will continually say that he will be coming down today, tomorrow or whenever, but trust me, this is just to stop you from asking. He will not turn up. Once you are robbed of your money, you will fire this guy and look for someone else. Do yourself a favour and keep yourself away from this agony. Create an alternative future for yourself without Cockatoo Roof Unrestorations, and go with quality workmanship. Do not get tempted with the "lower" price that he offers - this "lower price" that he will take from you is enough to make you broke for long time. Robbed by Gordon 07/31/2018
    • My home is currently leaking with Gordon's poor workmanship and no attention to detail. He will say that he will turn up and finish the job, but weeks or even months later, no progress has been made. Please please please do not give this guy your money at all. He charges a lot less than others because he has no trade skills at all and doesn't do jack sh*t. He pretends to meet Aussie standards yet after having a building inspector have a look at the work he did to my home, he was absolutely disgusted. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this guy. He will just steal your money and leave you broke with a damaged home. The reviews above are also testament to this guy's cunning ability to cheat you out of your money. I have water leaking in everyone room of my house because of his shoddy work. I have to take my children and myself over to my parent's place (which is an hour's drive away) just so we can have a peaceful night sleep. GORDON HAS DESTROYED OUR LIVES! This winter has been a nightmare because of Gordon 07/31/2018
    • gordon wilson isn't even registered for GST!!! https://abr.business.gov.au/AbnHistory/View/86791454608 Broke 07/31/2018
    • GORDON WILSON IS A THIEF AND A LIAR. Don't believe anything that he says. He will take your money, wreck your property and leave you to chase him. He frequently attends the Adelaide Magistrates Court these days pleading financial hardship. BULLSHIT. He has fleeced some many people for thousands. STAY AWAY FROM HIM. Consume Affairs are spineless - his builder's licence should have been revoked ages ago. Ring them up and tell them you have a complaint against Gordon Wilson and they will advise that he is on their list of businesses under investigation! Property Owner burned by Gordon Wilson 08/23/2018
    • If you have been burned by Gordon Wilson like me, please contact me on facebook. My name is Derek Drivers. Add me please. Derek 08/28/2018
    • I am a stupid man who lies to unsuspecting & trusting people, gets them to pay a huge deposit, leaves their roof in a mess and cons them out of thousands of dollars. I then disappear, won't answer your phone calls and move houses every 12 months. If you are smart enough to find me, you can take me to court and you will end up winning. But then you have to get your money from me........and that never happens because I cry financial hardship to the courts. Meanwhile I'm living the dream at Tennyson and flying off overseas to Bali. Gordon Ashley Wilson 09/05/2018
    • If any of you feel niave to trust & let down because they were scammed, please don't... I am writing this in hope that anyone that google searches GORDON ASHLEY WILSON'S name will read this (especially women as what he does to women is far worse) He proposed to a friend of mine (other women prior) after a very short amount of time. He used / abused and would not let them have much outside connection to the world. This man is a pathological and certified scam artist who knows exactly how to manipulate / destroy peoples lives to get what he wants....so please dont lose faith in the human kind for being good & trusting. This man is a clinical PSYCHO path that still stalks / manipulates and ruins women's/families lives ROPEABLE 10/12/2018
    • forgot to mention how much he cries and cons his way with women to take their money too! Again, specialised scam artist who is one of the most calculated / pathological people you will meet ROPEABLE 10/12/2018
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