• Solar Battery Storage Systems in Southern Fleurieu

  • All State Solar

    Solar’s time has arrived; and if you are looking for a solar battery storage system for your Southern Fleurieu home or business – think AllState Solar. As the name suggests, this company services all areas around the country. Twenty-five years of experience in home improvements and solar installations means that they have the runs on the board. You definitely want to deal with a reputable solar provider when it comes to powering your household or business. AllState Solar’s representatives are all fully licensed and accredited with the important industry bodies. These include the: Australian Solar Council, Clean Energy Council, Master Builder Association and Housing Industry Association. For a free quote call 1300 166 477.

    Competitively Priced Top Quality Solar Storage

    Solar storage has changed the game when it comes to solar power right around the globe. Technological innovation in the form of inverters and lithium-ion batteries means that you can store the energy you produce for the times when the sun is not shining. Rainy day solar power has arrived in Australia; and you can save on your electricity bills throughout the year. These new batteries are much lighter, smaller, lower maintenance and higher performing for longer. AllState Solar offer manufacturers’ warranties on these next generation lithium batteries. Your investment is covered for many years. Check out LG Chem lithium batteries, Pylontech LFP and more.

    Off Grid Fleurieu Homes

    Regional areas within South Australia are benefitting from these new technologies, with their denizens able to live and work off grid. Imagine being free of the ever increasing electricity charges from the big power companies. AllState solar can design and install a stand-alone solar battery storage system for your Southern Fleurieu home or business.

    Home Battery Systems

    Solar batteries used to be big, expensive and unwieldy things. They were the province of the true enthusiast. Today, home battery systems are affordable alternatives to traditional power sources. Hybrid solar battery storage systems are making self-sufficiency a twenty first century reality. Prices are already coming down for these ground-breaking systems, as more homeowners recognise the opportunities. AllState Solar have a wide range of top quality brands including: Solax, Sungrow, SMA and Sunny Boy. Battery backups reduce power bills for all types of solar systems. Take your solar power to the next level with this storage technology; it is cheaper than you think. Talk to a consultant today about a free quote for your house or place of business. AllState Solar service all areas around the nation.