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  • Building inspections in Morphett Vale

  • Considering having a building inspection in Morphett Vale? we can provide you with a comprehensive report into all physical aspects of your building or potential new home. Offering Pre Purchase Home and Property inspections; New Build Final inspections, Pre Sale inspections, Pre Auction inspections, Rental Property inspections and Pre and Post Lease inspections – all at competitive prices. It pays to know before you stump up the money, just what you are buying – especially when it may be the biggest investment of your life. A building inspection costs very little money, but can save you many thousands of dollars in repairs to structural damage you did not know about prior to purchasing the property. we provide a seven day a week service and have over 20 years’ experience. They are a proud South Australian owned family business. Call us for an appointment or please fill out the Direct Contact Form.

  • Pre Purchase Inspections

    we provide professional and friendly building expertise to make sure that your next property investment doesn’t turn into a lemon. Trained by the Master Builders Association and with 20 years in the trade, they offer a same day report with accompanying photographic evidence. The building inspector will take the time to discuss the report onsite with the client and proffer professional advice at no extra charge. Making an informed decision may just save you a lot of money and heartache.

  • Property Inspections

    A property inspection in Morphett Vale can provide you with evidence about possible cracking, leaks, decay, rising damp, distortion, sagging, bulging, corrosion, surface drainage, stability, undulating surfaces, swelling, brick fretting, mortar eroding and defective linings – to name some of the common problems detected. If serious structural issues have been cosmetically covered up – you want to know about that before you sign the contract. we can give you that peace of mind at relatively little cost – a tiny expenditure to protect a massive investment.

  • Pre Auction Inspections

    we will inspect the home, or property, prior to the auction, so that you don’t end up with egg on your face. Auctions are emotive experiences and it is best to know the actual lie of the land before you get carried away bidding on a home or property.

    Rental Property Inspections

    Are you up to date with the state of your rental property in Morphett Vale? we can advise you on impending maintenance issues before they become major expenses. Protect your property investment with a competitively priced comprehensive report.