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    Nothing looks better than a timber deck that has been expertly built. There's just something about timber that can really give a sensational look and can change the dynamics of any backyard. But who do you choose to build your timber decks You'll need a quality carpenter, or in some instances a landscaper who also specialises in outdoor carpentry like decking.

  • Deck Builders Adelaide

    Find carpenters on Home Giraffe who specialise in all timber work. We have the best tradies for the job, but not only that, you can view reviews, pictures of their work, and read all about their business.
    There's nothing better than sitting out on a timber deck and enjoying the summer. Home Giraffe have all your carpenters, and tradespeople to build your outdoor living areas and decking. Each of them have reviews, a description of their business, and also pictures of their work. So it will make it easier to select the right tradesperson for your job.


  • Are all decks the same?

    The short answer, is a big fat NO. Even if you're getting a quote on a standard size deck, you are not comparing apples with apples unless you know specifically what you want. Listed below are some of the variables that can alter price.
    The timber used: You can choose anything from Jarrah, to Swan River Red, or imported timbers like Kapur. Many will look similar, but the prices can vary a lot. A good decking expert will have no hesitation in giving separate quotes for different timber types, and will be able to tell you in detail all the subtle differences. In some cases they aren't as hard wearing, some may require more treatment, and some are cheaper because they are inferior. Ask your decking expert. They will know all the answers if they are any good. If they don't I would suggest finding another decking expert.
    The depth of the post: Like any business, sometimes people will take shortcuts, sometimes people do the bare minimum, and sometimes people are guilty of over-engineering things. Find out where your tradesman stands, and why he would choose to do decking in a particular way.
    The timber finishes: Or timber treatment. I had a deck built by a guy once who refused to put any coating on other than decking oil. In his opinion, this was the best treatment. He was a very fussy guy who loved working with timber, and charged top dollar to match. However oiling requires regular maintenance and sanding. More so than varnishes. This is once aspect where you will need to talk to your carpenter about. There are so many different finishes, and to be honest, you DO get what you pay for. Just don't expect to pay top price for a decking finish, and think you'll never need to work on it again. Even finished decks require regular maintenance.
    Termite treatment: Again, I had a guy build a deck for me one, he actually cut out a couple small sections near the attachment to the house, and used screws for that section, not nails. When I asked him why, he said it was so people could unscrew these small sections for the termite treatment. As I mentioned before, this guy was fussy, and took great pride in his work, but you can see the lengths some carpenters go to to provide a top quality finish.

  • How Do I Choose the right Timber Deck?

    Choosing a decking specialist from Home Giraffe gives you a better picture into who you will actually be dealing with. It's so much better than just choosing from a business name and a phone number. With Home Giraffe you can actually see who you are dealing with before they come to give you a quote. That's how you can be 100% certain you get the best decking job.

  • Timber Decking Adelaide

    If you need a great carpenter to build your deck, but don't want the runaround, send us a request, and we'll do the running around for you. Contact us HERE and fill out a contact request form with information about your job and what area you're in. We'll let our best tradies know, and get them chasing you for work.

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