• Plumber Lockleys

    Are you looking for a Lockleys’ plumber? Affordable Adelaide Plumber are the inner-west Adelaide plumbing contractors par excellence. When you want reliable and fully professional plumbing help, this is the outfit which delivers. They arrive on time at the agreed time; and they are available after hours when you really need them. For general and emergency plumbing, within the City of West Torrens, They have a team of mobile gasfitters and plumbers on call. Fully licensed and very experienced in both commercial and residential plumbing.

  • Best Price Plumbing

    We are all about competitively priced plumbing, as you can see by these amazing specials. Affordable plumbing at low prices and great value is what we are all about. But hiring a "cheap plumber" doesn't necessarily mean you'll get poor work. We are licensed and trained in the best methods, and with years of experience there are definitely no shortcuts, just great service from passionate plumbers who love what they do. For the very best prices and value contact us.

  • What is Gasfitting?

    Gas appliances require hoses and pipes to distribute the gas from the mains connection or tanks, these need connecting and your gasfitter establishes outlets for your gas appliances to connect to the gas pipe network. The gasfitter also looks after the installation, servicing and maintenance of your gas hot water unit. When you want a gas heater, somewhere in your apartment, house, or office, a gasfitter will connect that up for you. Also, if you buy a new gas oven, or stove top, you will need gasfitting for the installation of these appliances in your kitchen. Gasfitting technicians will ensure that your gas appliances are not leaking gas and that the hoses, and outlets, are all compliant with the appropriate regulations. There is nothing worse than the malodorous small of gas wafting around your home or business; not to mention it is also dangerous.

  • Quality Customer Service

    For the best customer service in Lockleys, and surrounding suburbs, for all your plumbing needs. They fix toilets, burst pipes, unblock drains, do septic tanks, install solar power, repair and replace hot water systems, fix leaky taps and faucets, stormwater drains and guttering, plumbing designs and installations in new and renovated homes, commercial plumbing maintenance and more.

  • Emergency Plumbers

    Need someone fast? With local vans on the raod fully equipped with the latest and best part, they are your number one affordable emergency plumbers, providing you with seven day a week twenty four hour plumbing. Enjoy the peace of mind of having after hours plumbing at low prices when your hot water unit breaks down, toilets won’t flush and/or stormwater drains flood your property. Adelaide’s premier plumbing professionals are only a phone call away.