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    When electrical problems strike, know that you're covered. Have a reliable electrician that you can actually call – at any time of the day or night. One that’ll be there when you need it the most. Solving electrical issues, this is our business. Get in touch with us today, for a free quote.

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    We work hard so you don’t have to. We believe your home is a safe place. And we work to make sure all homes in Adelaide, especially Toorak Gardens (5065, SA) are running efficiently. Think of us as your all-in-one electrical company – from maintenance to emergencies.

    Call us, if you need any help with the following:

    • Minor electrical repairs
    • Additional lighting
    • Additional data points
    • Fault finding
    • Smoke detectors and exit lighting
    • Security system and CCTV camera installation
    • Lighting automation
    • Access control
    • Telephone and internet
    • 24-hour emergency breakdown
    • Equipment test and tag
    • Commercial air-conditioning
    • Property maintenance.

    Our commitment to customer service is our point of difference. Quality workmanship is expected, but our level of service always surprises our customers – they’re simply not used to it.

    Smoke detectors and exit lightings

    Smoke detectors are an absolute must-have for any building. No one can predict when an accident might happen, but you can be prepared in the event that it does. Having a smoke alarm installed is certainly a good start, but we’ll go one step further. Installing exit lights will keep your family or employees safe, guiding them to where they need to go. We’ll evaluate your current electrical system and make sure there are no faults. After all, there’s no point building up on a shaky foundation.

    Lighting automation

    How cool would it be if you could turn all your lights on and off, with the click of a button… like a universal remote! Well, you don’t need to dream anymore. Lighting automation is a real thing. And you don’t even need to click anything.

    It’s a great way to save energy andmoney.

    Your lights will power off if there’s no movement, and turn on once it senses someone in the room. No more worrying about whether the lights have been turned off. No more burning a hole in your pocket. With automated lighting, you control how the lights are used.