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    If you are in Klemzig and looking to rejuvinate your bathroom by giving it a facelift, then choose from some great bathroom renovation businesses like ours, in your local area or Klemzig. The price of a bathroom renovation will vary a lot depending on the size of your bathroom, the level of the changes that need to be made, and the quality of the selections. Bathroom selections refer to the showerheads, shower screens, vanities, tiles, and toilets. Basically anything new that goes into your renovation.
    For some homest advice on your upcoming bathroom renovation, contact Mauro on the number below. We have been servicing Klemzig and surrounding suburbs for years. He can give a great price, some honest advice and some top ideas.

  • Klemzig Bathroom Renovations

    From experience there are two rooms that sell houses. The kitchen and the bathroom. Spending money to give a tired bathroom a facelift is not a waste of money, it's a solid investment in your home's equity and resale value. It's a decision you can make knowing you aren't throwing money away on something frivolous, but actively adding value to your biggest asset. Having said that though, you still want to be careful not to overcapitalise. The best type of bathroom renovation is a cosmetic renovation without too much structural change. In this instance you would re do the tiles, the painting, and maybe a few of the applicances like towel rails, shower glass, and toilets. Avoid moving any walls or plumbing. This will save a lot of money.

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