• Pest Control in Elizabeth

  • OzPest are Elizabeth’s industry leaders in pest eradication and management systems. Whether your property has an infestation of redback spiders, termites, ants, bees or even bedbugs, you can rely on us to get it sorted. We deliver quality service to residential homes, offices, community facilities and worksites right across Adelaide. Our treatments are effective, long lasting and safe for pets, children and staff. Don’t let a pest infestation damage your home and endanger your family. Call OzPest and discuss your pest control requirements with our trusted team today. 

  • The Best Team in Elizabeth!

    To ensure a long lasting solution for your pest control problem, OzPest’s experience and know-how in the industry is invaluable. Our fully pest control and fumigation licensed technicians, led by owner Rob Hore, provide unbeatable service and results. OzPest is a family owned and operated business, so you know you’ll get personal service, friendly technicians and affordable prices. We want you to keep coming back to OzPest for your pest control needs, so make sure you stay in touch on Facebook for access to great rates! 

  • The Dreaded Termite

    Termites in Adelaide are an unfortunate reality, so it is important to be proactive and protect your home. When you book a comprehensive termite inspection from OzPest, you’ll receive a detailed report highlighting termite activity, damage and most importantly, our plan of action. We utilise state of the art Termatrac T3i and borescope equipment to give accurate reports and tailor the right solution for you. Inspections are also vital if you are purchasing a property to ensure the integrity of the building and avoid unwanted surprises down the track.

    If you are currently termite-free, it’s wise to install preventative termite barriers to safeguard your property for the future. When termites are found, the experienced team at OzPest will install our non-toxic mix of baits, dusts and in-soil pesticides to eradicate the termites thoroughly. We’ll arrange an ongoing management plan too, so your property stays termite-free into the future. As accredited Termidor installers and utilising our own wealth of up-to-date procedures, OzPest has the solution for your property. 

  • Comprehensive Pest Control

    If your home or business is plagued by other pests, our technicians can carry out a full inspection of your property, including sheds, garages, pergolas and decks. We are skilled at eradicating: 

    • Spiders: Our safe, child and pet friendly spider treatments will target all types of spiders infesting your home, including redbacks and whitetips. Backed by OzPest’s 6 month warranty and featuring odourless and stain-free products, book your spider inspection now!
    • Ants: Ants are common pests that quickly infest and infiltrate your property. OzPest technicians will conduct a full inspection and treatment of ant activity using our special sprays, baits and dusts. We back our treatments with a 6 month warranty too!
    • Flies: OzPest will help resolve your fly infestation problem with locating, removing and treating their food and breeding grounds on your property. Say goodbye to fruit flies, blow flies and drain flies today!
    • Bees & Wasps: Your garden, fruit trees and outdoor structures can attract bees and wasps in their hundreds. If you’ve noticed increased activity, contact OzPest to conduct an inspection and treatment on your property to get rid of these pests for good.
    • Bed Bugs: These pests can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions to your family, or leave your hotel clients less than happy. OzPest will inspect and eradicate the infestation using insecticides and can also supply quality mattress encasings to help prevent re-infestation.