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    Welcome to Adelaide Palm and Tree Removals. Servicing all areas across the entire city scape. Fourth generation business owner and head tree surgeon, We know palms, having 20 years’ industry experience in both commercial and residential palm and tree removals, palm sculpting, palm shaving, stump removal, tree trimming and tree pruning.

    We will visit with you on site, discuss your needs, advise practicalities and logistics and provide free quotes. We and our team are also available to provide a 24-hour emergency service. This is very useful after a storm when trees have been blown over.

    A family business, wholly owned and operated within South Australia, we are veteran tree climbers and rely on years of ingrained experience and deep-rooted expertise to assist when utilising the harness and rigging system to access tall tree work. Call us for any type of tree removal, palm sculpting, high branch removal or anything related. We do it right.

  • Palm Sculpting and Shaving Adelaide

    The act of palm sculpting and shaving is performed to remove the dead debris of each palm frond that is left behind as the palm grows taller and produces new palm fronds. Adelaide Palm and Tree Removals are highly competent at sculpting and shaving palms.

    Take a look at some of the before and after photos. The practice of palm sculpting and shaving is relatively common though is not advisable to be undertaken by anyone lacking in the appropriate skills to rid the palm of the correct amount of residual palm tree fronds. Palm trees are monocots which means that once grown to full circumference capacity they do not continue to have outward growth.

    They just grow upwards by producing new bands of palm fronds. You will have appreciated how attractive a freshly sculpted and shaved palm tree is, but it is vitally important not to over prune a palm as this can weaken the palm, slow its growth or even cause its death. The growth of a new frond is partnered by the death of an old frond and this natural growth pattern should be allowed to proceed and presents reason enough why palm sculpting and shaping should be left to the experts.

    Adelaide Palm and Tree Removals also offer their services and expertise in trimming pine trees along with many other tree species. They are trusted by local councils, schools and many home owners as the leading choice. If you want the highest quality job, please use the contact form or the click to call button to get in touch with us.

  • Photo Examples of BEFORE and AFTER Palm Shaving

  • Tree Climbers and Tree Lopping Equipment

    Tree climbing is necessary for tall tree work to lop the tree from the top down, in smaller quantities. This is done effectively using a climbing rigging system and harness along with a rope and pulley system to safely transport the cut tree pieces to the ground.

    The scene from the movies where the lumberjack cuts the tree off at the base and yells out ‘timber’ isn’t going to work in the suburbs of Adelaide. Tree climbing is like an exact science. It requires an experienced and skilled, able bodied person to manipulate the rigging system as well as make a good job of lopping the tree.

    Once lopped, the branches and trunk can be chipped in to bark chips and mulch or if suitable, we can agree to offer it for sale as firewood. We are able to provide the correct machinery and tools of trade to facilitate these jobs, such as cherry pickers, state of the art Stihl chainsaws, chippers and stump grinders for the left over stump to be ground down and fully disposed of. We can also provide a light crane on a flat bed truck. Our services, equipment and knowledge are second to none.

    We can access tight areas for hard to remove stumps and our customer service level extends to leaving a site in the best possible state, with our unquestionable assurance of an immaculate clean up. We are adept in emergency attendance in all manner of weather, especially clean-up of storm damaged branches, dangerous trees and tree limbs.

    We are able to effect the appropriate chain of action with trees over electricity wires or roads as well as remove tree limbs that are interfering with guttering, roofs and windows.

  • Premier Palm and Tree Removals

    Don’t go barking up the wrong tree and get anyone other than Adelaide Palm and Tree Removals to action your tree removal. Don’t get stumped over what to do with that left over stump.

    Adelaide Palm and Tree Removals are your go to team for any size and species of tree removal, palm sculpting and shaving, tree trimming and pruning, stump removal, mulch and firewood as well as emergency call outs. We are able to organise and facilitate the relocation of any palms and can offer suggestions where this will prove economical. We can advise and assist you to prepare for each bushfire season.

    Our intimate work with trees leads us to value their health and longevity. Thus, we are proud to voice our support for ‘Trees For Life’ and our motivation to encourage revegetation and conservation. We aim to be in this business to see infant trees mature and are fully covered with $20 million liability insurance.

    Palm and Tree Removals offer fast, friendly, thorough and reliable service. There are no jobs too large or small. We invite your enquiry of us and look forward to branching out and exceeding your expectations.

  • Another Before and After

  • Removing a Tree

    Do you have a large tree in your yard? Large palms are in high demand.
    You may have seen a lot of the major roadworks in, going out towards Mawson Lakes, and also around West Lakes. Or at the end of jetty road in Glenelg. These are all established palms that have been found growing, most likely in people's private yards, and transplanted by a fully trained professional.

  • Palm Tree Relocation

    You'll find it easier to sell your palm if you know the variety and size. Identifying your palm is not always easy, so as a suggestion, take a photo of your palm and send it in to us here at Home Giraffe. We can identify it and put you in touch with the right contractor.

    The advanced phoenix canariensis, commonly known as the Canary island date palm is the palm most commonly sought after palm here in Adelaide. But other likely varieties include the Washington Antonia (filiphera) and the Washington Robusta (Cotton Palm).

    Use google images with these three varieties to help identify which palm you have. Please note, we can offer great advice on these, BUT HE IS NOT IN THE MARKET FOR BUYING PALMS.

    We are the best in Adelaide at relocation, shaving, sculpting and lopping trees, but NOT CURRENTLY IN THE MARKET FOR BUYING PALMS.

  • Transplanting your palms

    If you are looking to buy established palms, it is of the utmost importance you hire a professional. Whilst these trees can be transplanted with high success, there is still a failure rate if the delivery and condition of the tree is substandard. The trees must also be planted and watered to a specific standard, and the soil must be prepared adequately.
    For any more information, please contact us on the number provided.

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    • We were really pleased with Rowans work. He was honest, polite, efficient and affordable. He gave us a price quickly and was able to come and do the job exactly as we discussed. He removed all our stumps and took it all to the tip so we didnt have to worry about anything. Thanks for a great job. Really appreaciated it! Kaye 02/07/2021
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