• Plumbers Paradise

    So, you live in Paradise (5075)? What a peaceful place. But that calmness can quickly disappear once a plumbing emergency strikes. All you need to do is keep a professional plumbing team on call, like us. We’re your 24-hour emergency plumbing company.

    We specialise in all areas of plumbing, including:

    • Blocked drains 
    • Leaking taps
    • Burst pipes
    • Hot water unit repairs & installations
    • Toilet suite repairs & installations
    • Gas appliance repairs & installation 
    • Gas leaks investigation
    • Evaporative air conditioner repairs & servicing
    • Roofing & guttering
    • Renovations.
  • Blocked drains

    Drain blocking professionals, our guys can come out to your Paradise home to help clear your blocked drains, 24/7. Whether your toilet is blocked, or the drains in your kitchen and bathroom are clogged, let us take care of it for you.

    Old houses are typically prone to clogged drains because the pipes have been used longer. Every house is different, due to the materials used in the pipes, the angle of them, the structure of the house and other factors. All of these elements can work to cause problems with clogs. A plumber will help you uncover the problems with your drainage.

    A sink clog is one of the major things that affect your drains. Hair, lint, soap and other debris get stuck in the drain and cause a blockage. And then there are clogs in the main line. This can happen suddenly and cause a major emergency. It’s important you call a plumber the minute you notice your drains emptying slower. 

  • Hot water

    In hot water, but not the good kind? Problems with your water heating system? Your whole family can’t shower, but you don’t know who to call? We’ve got a range of electric and gas hot water systems ready for you. Let’s chat about your options. We sell Rheem, Dux, Quantum, Bosch, Rinnai, Aqua Max, Vulcan and more.

  • Gas fitting

    Gas is not something you want to mess about with. If you’ve got a new appliance that you need hooked up to gas, give us a call. And of course, if you smell gas in your home, get on the phone to us immediately.

    Talk to us about our wide range of gas services, including:

    • Continuous flow hot water system installations
    • New housing gas pipe work installations
    • Alterations & additions
    • Gas line testing & certifying
    • Gas hot water systems
    • Gas heater installation
    • Gas oven installation
    • Gas appliance repairs & maintenance
    • Gas safety checks
    • Auto changeover regulators.