• Gutter Guard Unley

    Unley is one of the stunning suburbs in Adelaide. It’s just south of the city and is just a stone’s throw away from beautiful parklands. Unley is known for its stunning period homes, leafy streets, rose gardens and morning birds.

    This all sounds great – who wouldn’t want to live here? The only downfall is the maintenance required on gutters.

    Aquaguard’s award-winning gutter guard design can help.

  • Benefits of a Gutter Guard System

    Our guards are made of finely woven mesh, so nothing will make it through – even the smallest of materials. This means your gutters always stay clear and clear, making it perfect for collecting fresh rainwater.

    The other benefits of using our innovative gutter guard system include:

    • Fire protection for your home
    • Keeps captured rainwater clean
    • Increased water flow in your gutters – no build-up and no rust
    • No overflow into your ceilings or eves, avoiding the risk of water and electrical damage
    • Do away with blocked down pipes
    • Maintains or adds value to your home
    • Protection against birds and pests entering your roof and causing damage
    • Ideal protection for newly built homes.

  • About Aquaguard Australia

    Our year-round low-maintenance system keeps your gutters from getting blocked. Never have to clean your cloggy, sagging gutters again, with AquaGuard. Our guard’s boast a fine mesh that that extends the roofline to the outer edge of the gutter, which means those pesky leaves and other debris stand no chance. You also don’t have to risk your life and limb to climb onto your roof twice a year to manually empty your gutters.

  • Gutter Services for Homeowners

    One of the main areas of maintenance on a home is your roof and gutter. And while every house is different, every one is at risk of water damage. Minor leaks, heavy winds and big blowouts can cause major damage. This is why it’s important to protect your roof, walls and windows.

    One way to do this is to prevent the build-up of leaves and other debris – as it can cause flooding. Cleaning is critical for gutters, and the best way to do this is to invest in gutter guards.

    Got a question? Our team has decades of experience working on gutters and keeping them clean. We can help you invest in the right solution.

    Talk to us today a gutter guard design that’s suitable for your Unley home.


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