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  • Emergency Electrician

    So, the power goes out. You think to call an electrician. This might be the only time you ever have… or at least for some time. But working with an electrician shouldn’t be something that only happens in an emergency. You use appliances, many appliances, everyday – and they need to be checked often. We upgrade, install and remove electrical appliances… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We keep you and your family safe, in your own home. That’s really what we do. We’ve been working in Kingston Park (5049, SA) homes for years. Call us for a free quote today.

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    Forget about looking on your fridge for that electrician you’ve never heard of. Trust our teamwith all of your power needs. Our goal is to provide sustainable electrical solutions to you, while saving you time and money. We make this happen, every time, by ensuring that every electrician that we have on staff is fully trained and certified. When you call us you know you’re getting the best quality in town. We don’t cut corners and that’s why everyone knows us… for all the right reasons.

    Ceiling fan installation

    Looking to beat the summer heat, but you don’t like the air that comes our of an air conditioner? Constantly getting sick? A ceiling fan might be a better fit. The cool relaxing breeze a fan produces is calming, plus much more natural. We can help with installations and even upgrades of ceiling fans. We help you decide the type of fan, and keep it well maintained. That’s right. Fans also need taking care of. So, after the cold winter months are gone, we’ll make sure your fan is ready to keep you nice and cool in the hot Adelaide months to come.

    Test and tag

    Testing and tagging is a system we use to make sure an electrical system or appliance is functioning well – then label it with outcomes of that test. This is the most effective way to organise your electrical systems… and keep them working well. In a moment, we can relay all of the information about the system to another electrician, if we need to. We can work faster and more effectively – saving us time and you money. Our team can test and tag appliances in both homes and business.