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  • Panini Brothers Bakery

    Who does bread better than Italians… no one. At Panini Brothers, we specialise in traditional Italian-style bakery food. If you live in Athelstone, head on down to 2/4 Jan Street Newton – your local bakery.

    Traditional bread

    You’re not going to find anything more traditional than our Panini bread. We hand work and shape it, then give it time to rest. This helps ensure the dough is smooth and the perfect texture to be cooked. Plus, you’ll notice the difference in flavour too. Letting it sit brings out its richness and further develops the flavour.

    We’ve been following the same process for years. It takes longer, but it also tastes better – and we think this is worth it. Each loaf is easier to digest because the gluten in the flour has had time to break down. Plus, it helps the loaf last longer too. This means you can take it home and enjoy it, still fresh, a few days on.

    You can look forward to the following types of breads, from Panini Brothers:

    • Focaccia rolls
    • Panini rolls
    • Ciabatta
    • Filone
    • Round loaf
    • Block loaf
    • Ciabatta rolls
    • Long rolls
    • French baguettes
    • Sourdough
    • Old Panini
    • Lepinja rolls
    • Round Panini


    About Panini Brothers

    So, you want to stock your home with fresh bakery food? That’s easy! And you don’t need to travel far either. Forget about getting all of your savoury food from the supermarket. We specialise in Italian home-style breads, pizza, focaccias, and continental cakes. Everyday, you have access to fresh, authentic Italian-style bakery food. And you’ll be supporting a family business, too.

    The benefits of artisan baking

    No all bread is created equal. At Panini Brothers, we focus on the long tradition of creating breads that are rich in flavour and texture. We want to give our customers a unique food experience – one that they can’t find anywhere else.

    We like to use the phrase ‘artisan baking’ to demonstrate just how much attention we give our bakery products – the traditional processes we use, and the way we observe every single loaf we cook, so we know each and every one comes out perfectly. What we do really is a work of art.

    Artisan bread is so much easier to eat, because the enzymes have had time to break down the gluten in the flour. This means our bread is better for you. So go on, give it a try today… trust us, you’ll notice the difference