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    There are many reasons to render a house. Cement rendering Adelaide covers unsightly outdated brickwork, and can also hide imperfections. It can modernise an old home, and add value by enhancing the street appeal. But just how do you choose a quality Adelaide renderer? This article outlines how to select a quality contractor, and what styles of rendering are best to improve your property value.

  • What is rendering?

    Rendering, or often called plastering or solid plastering (so as not to be confused with businesses working with plasterboard), is the means of using a cement style mortar to coat homes. When a mortar like mixture is applied to the outside of a home, this is usually called rendering. When a finer white set plaster is applied to the interior, this is known as solid plastering,.
    People render homes to create a certain look. It is also a great idea if you are refreshing an older home and readying it for market due to the low costs and dramatic impact of changing the look.
    It is most commonly applied to brick houses, and can be coloured during application and also painted after application. The purpose of render is to create a new look on a home and allow an even surface to paint the desired colour on.

  • House Rendering Adelaide

    Choosing to hire a house rendering Adelaide expert is a fantastic idea. Most home renovators and seasoned investors will make this tradesperson one of their first calls. This is because a renderer is the tradesman who will give you the most bang for your dollar when you are looking to value add to your property.

  • Adelaide Plasterers

    Whilst the slang term "renderer" is often bandied about, the correct term is plasterer, or solid plasterers Adelaide. The term solid plastering covers both internal and external work. In the interior, a white set solid plaster is used to repair cracking and uneven surfaces inside the home. This may involve chiseling out the crack and potentially underpinning it for strength. Whereas exterior work, as mentioned above is through cement render.
    Solid Plastering

  • Cement Rendering Adelaide

  • Why should I render my house?

    If you are preparing a home for sale, then you are making a financial decision. Therefore every dollar you spend on the home, you want to make back with interest.
    One of the most cost effective ways to transform the appearance of your home and instantly increase the street appeal is through render.
    This allows you to hide any blemishes, and update your asset with a fashionable new paint colour. By doing this you will ensure a fresh new look, and this will get people through the doors at selling time.
    If you combine this with a roof respray, and front landscaping, you can create a visual masterpiece that looks stunning for under $10,000 if you are careful. This is a small price to pay in the scheme of things.
    What choice of render is best for resale?
    Most solid plasterers Adelaide will provide a smooth coat or a textured coat option. The texture coat is more expensive as this is applied over the top of the smooth finish. Often colour can be mixed into this coat, negating the need for painting. However it is still recommended that you paint over this as extra protection.

  • How do I choose an Adelaide rendering contractor?

    Some trades are tough to find experienced and reliable operators. With rending though, the proof is often plain to see, as most solid plastering of this nature is done outside the house. If you are selecting a contractor there are three main areas you should question them on.

  • Rendering Adelaide cost

    These are price, licensing and quality. To be honest, whilst you don't want to get ripped off, the price is the least important element of these three. If you get enough quotes you will have a fair indication of what is fair. The trick is not to get sucked into the lowers price, rather the best value quote from a renderer who will do the job properly.
    So how do we know if he can do the job properly? The first question you should ask is if they are licensed and insured. There are a lot of illegal workers in Adelaide, rendering homes without a license. These guys win jobs on price alone. But be warned, if you go ahead with these contractors, be prepared for shortcuts on materials, and incorrect approaches that will lead to a shorter lifespan.
    We've seen homes being rendered on days where it is too hot for the cement to adequately set. The unfortunate part is, the home owner will have no recourse for insurance, and will have to pay a licensed tradesperson down the track.
    The next question once you have established that your tradie is licensed and insured, should be to ask for some local jobs in the area. It won't take long to do a couple drive-bys and assess the quality of workmanship from the street.

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