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    Are you considering a new kitchen for your Fitzroy home in Adelaide? We are the trusted name in kitchen make-overs and renovations in the inner northern suburbs of the city. Our designers will work with you to incorporate your ideas into an award winning kitchen design. Don’t suffer the kitchen blues a moment longer, liberate your inner master chef and get ready to rattle the pans in nirvana.

    Kitchen Design

    Every chef knows that kitchen design is an integral part of a successful kitchen. Fabulous food emerges from fabulous kitchens. Up until quite recently, the Australian kitchen was a shameful space, ill-equipped, small and inadequate. It was unable to meet the demands of the twenty first century, but that has now all changed. For some, the kitchen is now the most important room in the house. Jag Kitchens has grown at the same time this revolution has taken place; they share a chronology with the birth of Modern Australian Cuisine.

    Kitchen Renovations in Fitzroy

    Older houses in Adelaide have been revamped through kitchen renovations, maintaining their distinctive stylish identities, but benefitting internally from a brand new kitchen. Life proffers more possibilities in terms of cooking recipes and culinary repertoire; and things are so much easier through more functional design. When you look good and you perform even better the sky is the limit. Jag Kitchens can make magic in your home with their highly skilled cabinetmakers and brilliant designers. Your home cook or chef will feel like they suddenly have wings!

    New Benchtops and Designer Kitchen Cupboards

    In the majority of older kitchens there is a paucity of bench space: no room to work with or on. This directly influences what comes out of that kitchen; TV dinners and cheese on toast. When a chef has room to move, they can produce an abundance of delectable dishes. A well designed kitchen calms and inspires; a cramped kitchen stresses the cook and inhibits creativity. Jag Kitchens can work wonders in your Fitzroy kitchen; talk to one of their friendly consultants today.

    You Are Invited to a Free Seminar

    Their Complimentary Evening Seminars are a chance to peruse their range of kitchen designs, speak with cabinetmakers and designers, learn about the very latest kitchen design ideas and immerse yourself in all things kitchen. It is a guaranteed illuminating experience; prepare yourself for inspiration. Jag Kitchens – Made For You!