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  • Beds & Bedding Elizabeth

    Searching for a new bed or mattress for your Elizabeth home? Bed e Buys can help with the best Australian designed and made beds on the market. Luxuriate in a Bed e Buy’s blissful sleep maker that not only looks sensational but feels even better. We want to hold you until the sandman sprinkles his magic sand and sends you fast asleep. We make our beds and furniture from beautiful timber, so that you and your family can relax in comfort built to last. Our beds are competitively priced and solidly built.

  • Hard & Soft Beds in All the Right Places

    We make beds that are hard and soft in all the right places. Beds are special pieces of furniture that we all have strong relationships with; just ask Goldilocks and those three bears. Bed e Buys challenges you to visit our store and not find the bed that is perfect for you. We trust our beds and our beautiful furniture to fit your needs in Elizabeth and surrounding suburbs. When it is time for Bed e Buys, we know you will make the right decision.

  • MAXI-LOCK Bracket System

    The MAXI-LOCK bracket system means that your bed will never squeak or groan; and that it will be securely constructed for many years to come. It secures the solid timber frame, bed head and footer. This is the best bed frame fastening system available. Plus, we place a metal centre support rail that stops the bed slats from breaking, even if some delightful child should jump up and down on his, or her, bed; repeatedly. The slats are, also, rebated into the bolster on the side rails, which means no sliding and ever widening gaps between slats. Put all these features together and it means your bed won’t break and it will endure for years to come.

  • Mattress Matters in Elizabeth

    The GINORMOUS range of mattresses, beds, bedding and furniture at Bed e Buys makes a visit well worthwhile. We cut out the ‘middle man’ to deliver you the best prices for well built beds and furniture. Sleep is a very special thing and getting the bed and mattress just right is no mean feat; come and talk to the experts. We design and build beds for South Australian conditions; none of your cheap flimsily constructed rubbish here.

  • No Back Aches at Bed e Buys

    The right bed means no more back aches. Make your Elizabeth bedroom into a beautiful retreat with a magic Bed e Buys bed and furniture. Come and see us today?

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