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    Living in Paradise and looking for your local café? Love Italian food? Well, you’re in for a double treat – with Panini Brothers. We’re an Italian-style bakery serving up breads, pizza, focaccias, and continental cakes. Plus, we’re just around the corner, at 2/4 Jan Street Newton. So you don’t have to travel far to get a good feed.

    Traditional Italian desserts

    Italy is known for it’s amazing desserts. There’s no wonder people travel the globe just to taste the authentic, mouth-watering treats of Italy. We’re talking savoury foods rich in taste, followed by sweet treats to end a meal. Here are five of the well-known Italian desserts you should definitely sink your teeth into. 

    1. Biscotti

    These are crumbly, dry sweet pastries that are baked twice in the oven. They’re the perfect treat to pair with a tea, or you can even dip them in your wine.

    1. Cannoli

    Combining sugar and ricotta cheese, these goodies are fried pastry dough. They come in tube-form, and are great to combine with chocolate, pistachio, or wine.

    1. Frappe

    Similar to cannoli, a frappe is cut into strips and tied into knots. They’re then fried and topped with sugar. Talk about a treat!

    1. Panna cotta

    These treats are made by dissolving unflavoured gelatin in milk. The milk is then whisked into sweet, heavy cream. Cool it in the fridge and serve it with a sweet topping, of your choice.

    1. Tiramisu

    This probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. But just in case, tiramisu is espresso-dipped savoiardi layered with sugar, egg yolk and mascarpone. It’s one of the most popular Italian desserts there is, so make sure you try it out next time you’ve got a sweet tooth.

    Italians sure do know their desserts, don’t they…

    About Panini Brothers

    At Panini Brothers, food is the life is our business. We strive to provide the freshest, richest and most authentic Italian-style bakery food, to Australians. Buying your bakery food through us, you can rest assured that you’re consuming the very best pastries, breads and sweets. We try to do our best to cater for our wide range of customers, with their individual dietary needs. If you’ve got something specific you’re looking for, or if there’s something you’re allergic to and not sure that you can eat, talk to us. We’re here to help you, so you can make more informed choices.