• Pre Purchase Inspections in Adelaide

  • Building & Pest Inspectors conduct the most thorough pre purchase house and building inspections in Adelaide. We are experienced in all fields of inspections which is why we thoroughly test and inspect every property right down to the tiniest detail and asses the condition of the building.

    There are so many styles of houses and buildings and so many different construction methods that it makes it extremely difficult for a novice buyer to identify the primary structural elements of a home or building, not to mention identification of any defects. This is where a building and pre purchase inspection can help you make your decision a confident one.

    If you want an experienced inspection team with over 25 years experience in Adelaide, then call us today on 0401 943 974 and talk to our friendly team about providing you with the information you need. 

  • Pre Purchase and Building Inspections

    Get the full story about your potential investment with us. While any property that you are interested in may look great, and no doubt you’re being told that it is, it is important to have the opinion and knowledge of an industry expert. Thos also applies if you are selling a home. You need to provide any potential investors with the condition of the home or property so you can maximise your sale price. 

    A pre purchase home or building inspection is recommended before you jump in to buying or selling a property and well before an auction date. Our expert team will look over the property for any signs of structural damage and any other problems such as plumbing issues, electrical issues, damage to the floor or roofing and we even look into the smaller details such as the condition of the windows and doors. Our detailed reports will give you a clear picture and accurate description of any problems the property may have, this type of information may also strengthen your position in negotiations and save you money.

    You will also receive your report on the same day so you can make the best choice when it comes to your investment property without having to wait days or even weeks like a lot of our competitors. And if you choose to combine a building or pre purchase inspection with a pest inspection, you can receive $100 off you overall cost. 

  • Termite and Pest Inspections

    When it comes to preventing your home or building from termites, a termite inspection is the most efficient and cost effective method. Your home or business is your biggest asset; unfortunately, it can also be a major food source for unwanted visitors and even a breeding ground for fungus. They can cause considerable damage to the structure and condition of the building.

    We use the latest x-ray technology called the Termartrac T3i which allows us to locate any wood burrowing pests and find the source of their home. We can then provide you with thew appropriate course of action in how to eliminate them and prevent them from resurfacing in the future.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

    Have you already had an inspection by us, bought the home, but still want a few things inspected or fixed? We offer a 24/7 service in which you can call our 1300 number and be linked with the same person who undertook the inspection of your home or building. If you need something looked over or have a problem that you need fixed, we can send out the same inspector, or that inspector will find the best qualified trades person to come to your home or building and have the problem solved within the shortest possible time frame.