• Plumbers Pooraka

    For a comprehensive, efficient and affordable plumbing service, it’s us all the way. Our vans are stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and all the parts we need to get any plumbing job done – emergency or maintenance.

    Blocked drains, leaking taps, gas leaks, broken toilets and more! Book a plumber to come out to your Pooraka (5095) home – call us

  • Emergency 24-hour plumbing

    You’ve got a water fountain at your house, but not outside. Oh no! Don’t worry – just get us on the phone quick smart. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is, we can be at your home within minutes. If you’re having any type of water emergency, call us.

    Keep us on speed dial, for these emergencies:

    • Burst hot water system
    • No hot water
    • Hot water pilot light won’t go on
    • No hot water pressure
    • Gas smell on my property, kichen cupboard or living room
    • Gas smell near my hot water heater
    • A concealed gas leak
    • A concealed water leak
    • Water coming out of the bathroom
    • A bathroom or kitchen leak
    • Running taps or taps won’t turn off
    • Broken garden, kitchen, shower, bath or basin taps
    • Leaking kitchen, shower, bath, basin or laundry taps
    • Broken washers
    • Smelly drains
    • Drain smell
    • Grease smell
    • Blocked grease pipes or drains
    • Overflowing drains
    • Over flowing or cracked toilet
    • Blocked sewer
    • Toilets not flushing or backing up
    • Clogged sink
    • Blocked shower drain, bath drain, basin, s bend or trap
    • Burst pipes.
  • Blocked drains

    You can’t see your bathroom drain blocked, but your water isn’t going down properly. Blockages tend to happen under the sink, so you can’t see it happen. This can be a real nuisance – not to mention the unpleasant odours that tend to come with a clogged drain. Foreign objects, plants, hair, grease and fat and toiletries often cause blockages.

    Don’t bother buying drain cleaner. Get to the root of the cause, by hiring a drain expert. We use a drain camera and hydorjet. We’ve got a special on at the moment, so chat to us today if you’re having drain issues.

  • Gas fitting

    Need a hand with your gas fittings? We help people all across Adelaide with our wide range of gas services.

    Chat to us if you need assistance with any of the following:

    • Continuous flow hot water system installations
    • New housing gas pipe work installations
    • Alterations & additions
    • Gas line testing and certifying
    • Gas hot water systems
    • Gas heater installation
    • Gas oven installation
    • Gas appliance repairs and maintenance
    • Gas safety checks
    • Auto changeover regulators.