• Sub Surface Irrigation in Clare Valley

  • Gawler Irrigation in Clare Valley

    Gawler Irrigation are one of the biggest installers of sub surface irrigation in South Australia and can design and install your irrigation at Clare Valley and in the 5453 post code area.

    Use the click to call option, or fill out the contact form to get in touch with Gawler Irrigation at Clare Valley and they can talk to you about your next irrigation system today.

    With a development blade and system to ensure the ground is left with minimal disturbance, while ensuring the best, most economically sound and environmentally viable irrigation system, Gawler Irrigation are the best in the business.

    What is Sub Surface Irrigation?

    Sub-surface irrigation is the process of water being put under the ground, which created an artificial water table beneath the surface. Then the moisture moves towards the surface, which makes for less water lost through evaporation, and ensures water gets to the roots. It is an excellent way to irrigate crops, playing fields and gardens.

    Sub-surface irrigation is an efficient way of using water, because the water is better controlled. There is less run off and wastage, and it’s kinder to the environment.

    Gawler Irrigation are leaders in their fields and have developed a process or irrigation that is kind on the environment, and is economically sustainable.

    All Your Irrigation Needs

    Having installed irrigation systems in the Clare Valley (5453) and surrounding areas for twenty years, Gawler Irrigation are dedicated to providing the best irrigation design and solutions for any job, big or small.

    Gawler Irrigation use high quality vibrating ploughs for sub-surface irrigation and cable laying, because they know it’s the best way to install the irrigation with minimal disturbance to the land.

    Some of the large jobs Gawler Irrigation have undertaken are Flinders View Primary School Oval, Woody Park Reserve, Cowell Oval and Port Pirie Council skate park, among many other successful installations.

    Gawler Irrigation’s sub-surface irrigation installations are built to last, and can be designed for any property, council area, field, oval or playground. Speak to the team today about your irrigation needs.

    Complete Design Service

    The team near Clare Valley offer a free in-house design service on all domestic systems, and they will design and create a system to save you time and money.

    Give them a call today by using the ‘click to call’ option, or fill out the contact form provided to talk to the team about your irrigation system today.

    New Home Irrigation

    Speak to Gawler Irrigation about your new home to get the best out of your irrigation system. When you buy a new house, you want to be able to enjoy it straight away. With Gawler Irrigation’s free in-house design service, you can have the garden of your dreams, and not have to worry about the irrigation as the experts at Clare Valley have you covered. You can have the irrigation system you want, designed and installed, so you can get on with the more important things in life.

    There’s no job too big or too small for the team at Gawler Irrigation. Give them a call, or drop into the store for the best service and advice in irrigation products and services.

    Why choose Gawler Irrigation?

    Gawler Irrigation save you money and water, while designing and installing a fine looking outdoor area you can be proud of. Offering a free in-house design system for all domestic installs, Gawler Irrigation take pride in their work and the satisfaction of their customers. No job is too big or too small.

    From trenching to tubes, pipes to playing fields, Gawler Irrigation know their stuff and have been doing it for 20 years. Call them today to talk about your irrigation needs.