• Aluminium Doors & Windows in Unley

  • Using aluminium to frame your glass windows and doors is the latest in design and modern glazing for both commercial and residential homes and businesses in Unley. Using these materials can be custom made and finished in a variety of different ways.

    Mr Glass & Aluminium is the leading designer and fitter for all of your window and doors needs. We pride ourself of being the best in the industry while providing an affordable and reliable product. Having the right designed and fitted product can bring new life into your existing home or business. And with over 10 year’s experience, you know that you are getting quality for your budget.

    Call us today on 0415257872 and start your journey to a better, more open office or home. We will come to you if you reside in the Unley area. 

  • Windows and door design and installation

    Having to install new window and door frames is a task best left to the professionals, trying to do it yourself can result in open gaps and uneven designs. We put every bit of energy and experience into every window and door design and fitting.

    No matter the size or shape of your door or window, we can use our expertise to custom design and build you a window or door frame to suit any style of home or office. We only use the best quality aluminium and glass for all of our customers, which is something that sets us apart from our competitors.

    If double glazing is something you have heard been thrown around, there is good reason for that. Our double glass glazing service is second to none. Double glazing provides a much stronger and more stable design. It works as it own heating and cooling service by keeping the heat out during the warmer months and keeping the heat in during the cooler ones.

  • Glass replacement

    From time to time you may encounter a broken or cracked window at your home or business. This is something that sometimes is unavoidable. Luckily we have the skills to help you fix or replace any glass of any type.

    If you have square windows and doors, or even more peculiar styles like round or triangle, we can measure, design and fit any style. Our focus is on taking your broken or un loved glass and replacing it with a better quality and more reliable and efficient design to make your residential home or commercial business shine like new again. 

  • Other services

    Have an old home or business that has an amazing amount of character but you don’t want to loose the design aspect of? We offer a technique called retro fitting. This is where we can install a new more efficient glass product to your all ready existing window or door frame, so you can still have that vintage or classic look without having to have an entire new frame installed.

    Is there a huge unsightly opening somewhere on your home or business? Don’t know how to cover it up? Then we have a solution for you. We specialise in large opening design. We can come to your residents and talk to you about installing a large window or door to the open area. No matter the size, we can custom design and fit any type of window or door to make the area look like it is part of the buildings design. 

  • Why choose us?

    Uncompromised quality, this is the best way that people tend to sum us up. A lot of door and window companies will use the cheapest materials to maximise their return, this is the opposite of what we do. We will only source the best aluminium and glass from the top providers to ensure that your new windows and doors will last for decades to come.

    We always put quality above profit, and that tends to show with our large list of satisfied customers.