• Tyres in Broadview

    At Goodyear Tyre and Auto, we’ve been supplying and installing tyres for decades. Our fully trained and experienced tyre technicians can help you with any tyre questions you have. We perform wheel alignments everyday – to help our customers get the most out of their tyres. But we do so much more than just tyres. If you live in Broadview, come and visit us, at your nearest Goodyear Tyre and Auto shop – at 215 North East Road, Hampstead Gardens.

  • Car tyre replacement

    Looking for tyres that can withstand any terrain you drive on? We’ve got a wide range of tyres to choose from, so you never need to worry about not finding the right set for you.
    Here’s one of our top sets – the Assurance Duraplus.
    Exclusive to Goodyear, Duraplus delivers longer tread life, boasting innovative Goodyear tread life technology. And there’s also an additional layer of DuPont Kelvar, for greater protection on the road. Enjoy these tyres with a warranty of 70,000km. There are 21 sizes available in this model… just a glimpse of what we have in store.

  • About Goodyear Tyre and Auto

    Trust the tyre company that’s been in business, in Australia, since 1915. And we’ve had some pretty exciting wins along the way – including winning over 350 Grand Prix races. We’re known for our tyre innovation, but lots of people forget that we’re local too. Living in Broadview, you’re less than 10 minutes away from your local Goodyear Tyre and Auto store, in Hampstead Gardens.

  • Tips on buying replacement tyres

    Need new tyres? Follow these four tips to help guide you.

    1. Replace all four, at the same time

    If you can, try to replace all your tyres at once. This helps control your handling, if they’re all the same brand, size and type. If you’re only buying two, at least make sure those two matches.

    1. Add new tyres on the rear axle

    If you’re only replacing two tyres, be sure to put them on the rear axle. You’ll get better stability and traction when you’re on the road.

    1. Make sure the speed ratings are the same

    Your tyre technician will know this, but it’s good for you to understand too. Ensure you’re not choosing tyres with different speed ratings. If can’t avoid it, however, install them on the same axle.  

    1. An equal load-carrying capacity

    Your replacement tyres must have an even load-carrying size – matching what your car manufacturer’s outlined in the manual.