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    Australian Medical Travel offering top level cosmetic holidays and medical travel to Thailand and Malaysia, invite clients in Adelaide to take up the complimentary consultation to investigate the many and varied options available. An Australian owned and operated company, Australian Medical Travel are proud members of the Medical Tourism Association and through that accreditation, we are able to access the highest level practitioners and healthcare institutions worldwide to cater to a complete range of cosmetic and dental procedures. From your first contact with us until you return to your Adelaide home, enhanced and improved, we take care of all the details, satisfying your full host of needs. 

  • Global Accreditation

    Australian Medical Travel are the only Australian company to have been granted accreditation through the Medical Tourism Association. You can have comfort in knowing that through the Medical Tourism Association we are able to provide our valuable clientele the highest quality experienced Doctors, Nurses and healthcare practitioners as well as the opportunity to have your chosen procedure undertaken at internationally accredited hospitals and medical facilities. The Medical Tourism Association is a global organisation that oversees the efficient, ethical and transparent management of global healthcare providers and facilities, principally in the field of medical travel. 

  • Cosmetic and Dental Holidays

    Cosmetic surgeries can include breast augmentations, nose reconstruction, liposuction, tummy tucks and face lifts, just to name a few. Dental treatments range from teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, veneers and implants and these may be done in porcelain or ceramic. Any number of these procedures may be necessary for medical or reconstructive purposes or it may be your wish to treat yourself to one of these procedures in an effort to aesthetically enhance an area of your face or body. These treatments are typically very expensive. We have, however, sourced opportunities for treatments, such as these, to be performed in elite hospitals worldwide utilising the experience and expertise of renowned physicians at a fraction of the cost whilst incorporating these treatments Into the holiday of a lifetime. Your contact with Australian Medical Travel today will start you on the path to future enhancement.

  • Highest Quality Medical Focus

    Australian Medical Travel is committed to providing superior client care from your very first contact with our administration staff through to follow up appointments, when you have returned to Adelaide, to ascertain your recovery progress. Our point of difference is our focus on delivering high quality medical care and services. We seek to provide 100% satisfaction and offer you at any point the ability to cancel or renegotiate your needs without concern of any financial penalty from the doctor or the hospital. We invite you to our Adelaide office to discuss your requirements or if preferable, we will be pleased to meet with you in your home.