• Plumber Croydon Park

  • Plumbers Croydon Park

    Plumbing and Gas are as well able to attend to your general plumbing needs in Croydon Park as they are your same day call outs and emergencies. 24/7 Emergency plumbing, Same day service. Speak with a real genuine plumber, NOT a call centre when you ring up. Local Adelaide plumbers with years of experience in the plumbing and gas fitting industry, we proudly offer a no call out fee service for scheduled work and discounts for pensioners. Our work is carried out by experienced, qualified, master plumbers with guaranteed work and after sales service, no matter the size of the job. 

  • Hot Water

    Hot water is a pretty essential element of a functioning household. And it is a major inconvenience when your hot water isn’t functioning as it should. Whether you have had a leak or a break down and need some repairs or it is simply time to replace your hot water system, Plumbing and Gas can attend and repair or replace as required. We have access to all major brands of hot water systems, just ask for your preferred brand.

  • Gas and Gas Fitting

    Gas can be extremely dangerous and needs to be dealt with by experienced and qualified tradespeople and gas technicians. Plumbing and Gas are the plumbers and gasfitters to help you out. Maybe you have a gas leak, a gas hot water heater ripe for replacement or you are installing some new gas appliances, we are available all hours, all days for urgent attendances or via scheduled appointments for less critical assistance.

  • Leaking Taps

    Drip, drip, drip… You really don’t want this to be a problem at your home or office. Aside from the relentless dripping noise, a drip can quickly escalate into be an expensive water bill. It is best to get your dripping taps and leaking faucets looked at by Plumbing and Gas. We will inspect and repair or replace usually from the stock of taps and fittings we have in our vans.

  • Burst Pipes

    You usually know about burst pipes pretty quickly. The evidence of a burst pipe doesn’t take long to surface and it can be quite worrying. We advise you to turn off your water at the water meter and call us. It doesn’t matter if it is a burst pipe, a leaking pipe or an aged broken pipe and it doesn’t matter if it is copper, galvanised, polycarbonate or perspex, Plumbing and Gas will be able to attend and rectify your pipe problems guaranteed.

  • Toilet Replacement

    Blocked toilets are no one’s friend. At your home or office, Plumbing and Gas can attend and unblock it, no matter if the problems arising from the cistern, the pipes or the bowl. We can replace or repair using leading brands and our plumbing experts can offer advice on water saving models. Additionally, if you would like to replace or upgrade your toilet, you will be well served speaking to our premium plumbers about the latest and greatest designs.

  • Blocked Drains

    Smells and gurgles from drains are usually indicative of something not so healthy happening below the surface. The best remedy is to get Plumbing and Gas to have a look with their CCTV Inspection equipment to see what is going on and then, as required, use the Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner or other various apparatus to rid buildup, tree roots or similar. We will have your drains flowing freely and smelling sweetly in no time. 

  • Plumbers Croydon Park

    Well respected in the plumbing and gas industry, Plumbing and Gas are confident in their business and the quality of their plumbers and gasfitters. We are real plumbers who stand by our work and guarantee our jobs and we commit to providing the best customer service, sound advice and a supportive back up association. We invite your call in Croydon Park today to discuss your plumbing and gas fitting needs.