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  • Roller Door Repairs

    If you need your garage roller door repaired or replaced, then contact Eric of Viking Services on the number above. Eric is a local specialist who has been servicing Ingle Farm and Adelaide's North for over 20 years. He specialises completely in garage roller door repairs, replacements, and automating garage doors.

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  • Garage Doors Ingle Farm 5098

    If you're after a new garage roller door to enhance your house's street appeal then you are in the right spot. With so many styles of roller doors in Ingle Farm, how do you know which one will suit your house? Well the answer comes down to a couple things. The first is the style. Work out the style of garage door you want, is it a tilt up door, a panel lift door or a roller door. Drive around your neighborhood and check out other homes in Ingle Farm who have similar facades. There might be one or two styles that really stand out for you to choose from.
    The second thing to choose is the door colour. Most garage roller doors are neutral, but occasionally you see a few that are designed to stand out as a feature, rather than blend in. Some panels can imitate a wooden look, and not all roller doors are made of steel and aluminium, with some Perspex ones starting to appear.

  • Find local garage roller door experts in Ingle Farm

    How do you find a local garage door expert? Easy, you're looking at one. If you're in Ingle Farm, then the garage expert for you is right here. He has handled all sorts of door installations in Ingle Farm, and has motorised many more. Getting your roller door motorised or automated will make life easier. With just the click of a garage door remote control, your garage will open right up without you getting out of your car.

  • Eric of Viking Services

    With over 2 decades working in Ingle Farm and the surrounding areas in Adelaide's North, you can trust Eric to do a great job every time. From maintenance, servicing and repairs, to installation of new garage roller doors. Eric of Viking Services does the lot. He will even motorise your existing manual door to work on a remote control. This is cheaper than you think and makes life a whole lot more convenient with the push of a remote control.
    So contact Eric today for a friendly chat, and see why he is number one for performance and price.