• Painter Glenelg

    If you're renovating your home, you need to choose a quality painter and decorator in Glenelg. Not all painters are created equally, nor do they offer the same level of workmanship. So it is important to meet and talk to the person who will do your job, not just a salesperson who is coming to do the quote. Ask questions about what base preparation they are likely to do before they start to paint, and how many coats of paint they will apply to your house. The more you ask, the more likely you are to get a top painting contractor in Glenelg.
    All Coat Painting have been providing a premium service to locals for over 40 years. As a highly qualified father and son team, Brian, the owner and founder has over 4 decades as a house painter. Brian's son Nick is in his own right a highly experienced contractor, having completed his apprenticeship under the highly prestigious training of the Master Painters Assoc of SA. Nick himself has over 12 years as an experienced painting contractor.
    For a free written, no obligation quote then contact the team at All Coat Painting. They are more than happy to quote all areas no matter how large or small your needs may be. All quotes are prompt and detailed to avoid ambiguity and so you can clearly see the quality these guys put into their work.

  • 3 tips when painting your home

    In any renovation that involves painting, work out if you are renovating for profit, or to live in. This will make all the difference to how you choose to go about what you do.
    If you are renovating your Glenelg house to live in, then it's most likely going to be a labour of love, and personalised to your taste. Therefore, I will not talk too much about painting your house in this method, as it is very personal.
    If however, you are redecorating for resale, then you really want to follow these three useful hints below.
    1) Price: You're trying to make a profit, and painting and decorating is a huge part of ensuring your house in Glenelg will look at its very best. But you don't want to go overboard an end up paying too much. Sometimes painters are cheaper through using more efficient methods or cheaper paints. These may not necessarily be inferior quality products, but rather, result in genuine cost savings to you. Ask your painting contractor why their painting prices were higher or lower than their competitors. It definitely pays to know why in this case.
    2) Time: If you are renovating for profit, then speed is of the essence. You need someone who is ready to do the job straight away. The painter needs to be able to deliver a speedy result, and a quality finish. Ask about that painting contractor's workload, and how soon they can start. Try and find out how big their team of painters is and how long they expect the job to take. Remember, how quickly your renovation gets done will lower your holding costs, and allow you to invest in your next project sooner.
    3) Quality: There's nowhere to hide if you are a poor painter. A good painter and decorator is worth their weight in gold. They'll do the necessary base preparation, and provide a superior paint finish. Bad paint jobs get noticed though, and it's super important you assess the reliability of your contractor before they pick up their first paintbrush or roller.

  • Painters in Glenelg

    All Coat Painting have a great reputation around Adelaide. Why not contact this small and highly professional local team for your next job, and get a super fast, detailed, free quote. While providing the highest level of quality and professionalism, they also have one of the friendliest teams you will eve meet.