• Tyres Parkside

    There’s a lot of mechanics in Parkside and its surrounding suburbs. But none that are both local and international. At Goodyear Tyre and Auto, we are one of the world’s leading tyre companies. And we’ve got auto stores all around Adelaide, so you’re never far from your local one. People in Parkside come to us because we’re a one-stop-shop for everything tyre and automotive. Drop by your local store, at 107 Cross Road, Hawthorn.

  • Servicing my car

    The Goodyear team can fully inspect your car and make a plan of action for its repairs. Whether you’re bringing your car in for an oil change or a complete overhaul, the same level of service applies. Our well-equipped car repair workshop is set up for all makes and models of cars.
    We can help you with auto transmission repairs, car brake repairs, wheel alignments, clutch repairs, airconditioning repairs, car battery repairs, suspension repairs, exhaust repairs… and the list goes on.

  • Brake warning signs

    Brakes are the kind of thing we forget about, until we start to see or hear warning signs. But they’re probably the most important safety feature in your car.
    Most cars either have disc brakes, drum brakes, or both. Most modern cars use disc brakes, on the front and rear. Obviously as you brake, the weight of the car is on the front wheels. This is why the rear brakes are created with less power than the front.
    So, how do you know if your brakes are having problems? Look out for these five signs.

    1. Squealing

    If you press the pedal and you hear a squeal, your brake pads are probably worn out.

    1. Unbalanced

    Do you notice a pull to the left or right, when you’re trying to drive straight? This could be a warning sign.

    1. Vibrations

    Notice vibrations? This is a common issue in disc brake systems. Once you start to notice it, you need to take it into a mechanic as soon as possible – otherwise you risk the rotors get warped.

    1. Warning light

    This is the easiest way to check what your brakes are doing. If the warning light is on, there’s a problem. It’s that simple.

    1. Soft pedal

    You may notice the brake pedal feels soft. This could be because there’s an issue with the hydraulic system. There’s probably a fluid loss, if they feel soft or spongy.