• Beauty Salons in Prospect

  • The Doll House

    You and your skin deserve the best in skin care and pampering. That is exactly what The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic is here to provide you. A leading presence in the beauty industry in Prospect and across Adelaide, The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic, under the tutelage of 20 year beauty veteran, Lyrie, guarantees your gratitude after you have been indulged by our highly regarded staff and administered our highest quality services. Wonders in waxing, masters of massage, nailing acrylic and gel nails, top-notch in tanning, there are no treatments or services in the beauty industry that our staff are not fully across and accomplished in. We invite you to call us today to put us to the test.


  • Beauty Treatments

    We are excited to receive you to our premises at North Adelaide maybe slightly hairier than we are all comfortable with, feeling a tad drained, a bit slow from muscle fatigue, a touch on the pale side from sun avoidance (which we are pleased to hear about), absent of nail embellishments as well as make up and just not feeling on top of things.  Because our talents lie in the services we can provide you and our passion lies in executing these services with the utmost care and consideration and to the highest quality, we welcome you in this unrefined state. Equipped to carry out all manner of beautification treatments, our range includes massage, full body waxing, facials, spray tanning, make up, manicures, pedicures, paraffin treatments, acrylic and bio sculpture gel nails, brow shaping and eyelash work. You will depart our salon, our passions fully satiated, feeling not only on top of things, but on top of the world and singing our praises as you go.

  • Anti Ageing Therapies

    No one really wants to face the challenges that come with ageing. It can seem like you are facing an uphill battle with gravity increasingly working against you. We would like you to know that you are not alone. Our motivation at The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic is to assist you in slowing down the effects of ageing. From our many and varied therapies, we will identify a winning therapy for you or it may be that you would benefit from a couple of complementary treatments. Whether that be facial treatments incorporating ingredients like wheatgerm, linseed and sunflowers or a more extensive facial involving deeper exfoliation using Hydropeptides, we can ascertain the preferred approach for you. We have access to light therapy technology to renew natural collagen and elastin processes as well as Variable Pulsed Light technology to reduce or remove unwanted hair. We can offer lifts, peels and dermabrasive techniques to shed, firm and tone tired and lacklustre skin. Following these therapies, you may wish to invest in tinting and extensions of lashes and brows. Understanding the ageing process is our specialty and although there are no miracle restorative processes around, we aim to make your advancing years as comfortable as possible.

  • Pricing and Discounts

    Our belief is that our prices are in line with competitors, if not better, while our services are over and above, which makes our pricing for services rendered extremely affordable. We stand by our position of being market leaders when it comes to providing the highest level customer service and invite you to put us to the test. We offer student discounts and regular specials as well as gift vouchers for any services and to any value. We encourage large groups to attend together for events such as a bridal party gathering as we delight in coordinating group sessions to please everyone. We look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Injectables (Botox & Fillers)

    The Doll House offer the latest injectables, often referred to as Botox and fillers. This procedure is performed by a registered nurse. We offer injectables by appointment only. Please contact us on the number provided, the contact form, or by using the click to call button on a mobile device.

  • Eyelash Extentions

    If you're after an incredible new look that will have heads turning, then our amazing range of quality lash extensions is for you.  Don't compromise when it comes to having the best brand at the best price and choose a company that can provide you with the best. We stock and apply some of the best crafted and designed eye lashes in materials such as synthetic, silk and faux mink lashes that can range in size from 6mm all the way up to 17mm. You wont find a better extension studio out there that offer the best quality mixed with the best price