• Aluminium Doors & Windows in Norwood

  • Mr Glass & Aluminium has always put a huge amount of time and effort into producing the absolute best quality aluminium door and window designs and fitting. We have over 10 years experience in the field and our work is only second to our amazing customer service.

    We can fit out any window or door both residentially and commercially in Norwood 5067. It does not matter what the size or shape is, we can have it done in the most professional and reliable manner. If you want results that speak for themselves then call us today on 0415257872 and book your appointment with us, as see the difference that we can make.

  • Windows and door design and installation

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction starts with providing a solution for any residential and commercial job, from the size measurements to custom fittings for any of our doors and windows. Even if you are dealing with some uncommon sizes and shapes, we can design a beautiful and functional solution that works for your space

    Once we design and manufacture the desired design, we will install the new doors or windows for your home, renovation or even your new home build or commercial needs. Whatever your requirements, we will provide comprehensive, fast and reliable services to ensure your project is completed to the highest, most professional standards. 

  • Glass replacement

    Broken glass can present a danger, a security risk and be an unsightly mess in your home or business. Having and window replaced can be a daunting process; however the main priority is to find a glazier who offers the absolute most reliable product.

    We provide the only the most efficient and outstanding products to our customers. Whether your home or business has Aluminium, Wood or Timber framed windows, our expertise and passion will be able to help you with any glass replacement, big or small that you may need.

    We also offer a double glazing service, what is double glazing you may ask? Double glazing your windows and doors will have your family or employees feeling more comfortable all year round. The double glaze method keeps the heat out during summer, and keeps the warmth in during winter. It will keep you home or business’s temperature more stable, saving your more money on your heating bills. 

  • Other services

    Not only do we provide window and door design and installation, we also provide retrofitting and large opening services.

    If you have perfectly good window or door frames that don’t need to be replaced, then you could save by having them retrofitted. We will custom make new glass to the measurements of your existing frames, and professionally fit them to your home or business. This is a fantastic method if your reside in an older style home or business, and want to keep that aesthetic of beauty without having to have an entire new frame fitted that may not match the overall design.

    We are also a large opening specialist. If there is a large opening somewhere on your home or business and you would like to jazz it up with a new large window or even sliding door, we can help you there. We will come to your residential or commercial property and measure the opening so we can design a specific frame for you. No matter the size, even if it’s an entire wall opening, we can fit any design to it guaranteed.  

  • Why choose us?

    Having been in this industry for well over 10 years, we have an immense passion for what we do, and how we go about doing it. Our belief is that when it comes to something so delicate as windows and doors, you must provide quality over profit, which is why we strive to put an equal amount of time and care into every job, not matter how big or small.

    When you choose us, you know that you are receiving the best service for your buck.