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    Sub-surface irrigation is the process of water being applied beneath the ground by creating an artificial water table below the ground surface. The moisture moves upwards andinvolves minimum evaporation loss and surface waste by the water getting to the roots, which makes it an environmentally and economically sound way of irrigating crops, fields and gardens.

    There are many advantages to using sub-surface irrigation. It is a more efficient use of water, for starters. Things like surface runoff, deep percolation and soil evaporation are significantly reduced or eliminated completely. The water is better controlled, ensuring greater water application uniformity, and less wastage. Cost wise, the automation saves time and the decreased energy costs save money.

    Another benefit is the increased flexibility of the design of the system. Whether it’s a sports field, school playground or median strip, sub-surface irrigation can play a major role in the upkeep, beauty and efficiency of the area.

    Gawler Irrigation has been installing irrigation systems in the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas for twenty years. Specialising in sub-surface irrigation, they can make sure any area, big or small, is designed to get the best from the property, and be consistently well kept and maintained.

    The team at Gawler Irrigation have a thorough knowledge of irrigation equipment, using only quality products and being a recommended dealer for brands such as Toro, Philmac, Hr Products, PPI, IplexPipelines, Guyco and Pentax Pumps.

    Gawler Irrigation are market leaders in the area of sub-surface irrigation. Catering for large jobs, such as sports ovals, councils, schools and commercial properties, they also service small, domestic applications.

    All Your Irrigation Needs

    Gawler Irrigation have all your irrigation needs taken care of. From pumps and pipes, tubes and trenching, to service and sub-surface, they have covered a lot of ground in the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas.
    Using vibrating ploughs for sub-surface irrigation and cable laying using their Ditch Witch RT45 plough, Gawler Irrigation have the equipment and know-how to ensure your irrigation job is done right.

    The team, who have been servicing the north and Adelaide Hills region for two decades can design and install sprinkler sub-surface irrigation systems for ovals, playing fields and parks.

    Give them a call, or drop into their store for professional advice on how to manage your irrigation system and installation. They’re leaders in the field and can manage any job, big or small.

    Complete Design Service

    No matter whether the property needing irrigation is a large, council area or a small, domestic one, Gawler Irrigation can offer a complete design service. Offering a free in house designservice on all domestic systems, Gawler Irrigation can design and create a system to save you time and money.

    Large-scale jobs require intricate design, which Gawler Irrigation specialise in. For reliable, honest and professional advice, and a design to get the best out of large bodies of land requiring irrigation, speak to the team who have designed and installed many irrigation systems in and around the Adelaide Hills. Your design and installation is in good hands with the experts in the field.


    Gawler Irrigation services include quality equipment for demanding jobs and job site conditions. Laser sighted trenching from 150mm to 300mm wide, and up to 1.2 metres deep are created using a Ditch Witch RT45 trencher. With the right equipment and know-how, your irrigation job will save you time, money and be aesthetically pleasing for your home, club, school or local community. Vibrating ploughs are used for sub-surface irrigation and cable laying, using the Ditch Witch RT45.

    The vibrating plough has a specially fabricated blade, which is attached to the machine and places the drip tube in existing turf with minimal disturbance to the surface. This makes for a smooth process and a quick turnaround result.

    New Home Irrigation

    If you’ve just bought a new house, the last thing you want to do is worry about the outside area. You’ll want to be enjoying the inside and focusing on decorating and enjoying your new home. That’s why Gawler Irrigation offer a free in-house design service, so you can have the irrigation system you want, which they will come and install, so can get on with the more important things in life.

    There’s no job too big or too small for the team near the Adelaide Hills. Give them a call, or drop into the store, conveniently located at Willaston for the best service and advice in irrigation products and services.

    Servicing all areas in Australia

    Gawler Irrigation pride themselves on their top quality service and their willingness to travel far and wide to design and install the best irrigation systems. They will service all areas in Australia from rural to regional to city and outback. From large jobs to small, domestic jobs, council to commercial, Gawler Irrigation are the team for high level service and advice, using only the best products and equipment.

    The team at Gawler Irrigation have been servicing and installing irrigation for 20 years and have the experience and professionalism to ensure your job is done right the first time, every time; and that your system saves you time and money. Your personalised irrigation design tailored to suit your particular area will give you the best value for your money, and longevity of your outdoor area. Contact the team at Gawler Irrigation today.