• House And Land Packages Adelaide

    House and land packages are fast becoming a great way to purchase a new home. Most packages provide a great entry level price and a foot onto the ladder of the property market. Buying real estate in Adelaide through a house and land package can be an affordable way to get yourself a new home, and still have a say in the final design, layout, floorplan and finishes. By choosing a reputable builder, and a package in the area of your choice in any suburb in Adelaide, you can mix and match floorplans with location to build your dream home within your budget. By talking to one of our sales consultants on the number above, we can offer you a look at hundreds of house and land packages scattered across Adelaide.

  • What is a house land package?

    This is a great question. A house and land package is a lot like buying a new home, only you get to choose the suburb of Adelaide you want the land in, and you get to choose the floorplan to suit your lifestyle and budget. Our building company has access to hundreds of land allotments throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area and outlying suburbs. One of our consultants would sit down with you and present you with the complete price for various housing designs in different locations. From there you can select a house and land package that is in your ideal location and still enjoy the benefits of building your very own dream home. By building though us we are flexible with the floor plan, and the selections you make within your home. So you really get an opportunity to personalise your dwelling to suit your personal taste.

  • Are you looking for house and land in Adelaide?

    If you've been looking for a dream allotment to purchase but aren't having any luck, then contact us. We have access to hundreds of building allotments and vacant land right across Adelaide. In many cases we have exclusively negotiated with the owners, or we own some allotments ourselves. This means that some of our great blocks of dirt might not be available anywhere else or on the open market.

    We understand how tough it is when the market is running hot. Those good pieces of land are snapped up pretty quickly, and then there are the perils of overpaying for the land and leaving yourself short of finance to build the home you truly want. With our Adelaide house and land packages we give a final price for the cost of the complete construction and the land purchase price. This avoids any hidden surprises and is great for budgeting purposes.

  • What are the advantages of a house and land package Adelaide?

    One of the main advantages of purchasing property through this method is budgetary certainty and choice. Budgetary certainty means that when you are presented with properties by our building company sales representative, they will have the final price attached for the price of the dwelling to be built, and the price of the allotment it will be built on. You can then work out which ones fit your budget so you don't overextend yourself.
    The problem many clients encounter with purchasing land and then looking for a builder, is that they soon find out they've overpaid for the land, and have left themselves short. This means they are forced to cut corners on building their dream home in order to keep a lid on costs.
    The second factor is choice. A house and land package is like a "mix and match" to suit you. You select the suburb of Adelaide you want to live in, select the allotment, and choose from one of our suitable floor plans. By sitting down with one of our consultants, you can quickly view the suburbs of Adelaide we have land in and our building designs and prices. This is the fastest way to get an idea of what is out there. We are here to help you, so contact us on the number provided.

  • Thinking of building your own house and land package?

    If you are thinking of building your own house and land package Adelaide, then talk to our friendly building consultant. Call us on the number provided and we can arrange to meet at a time and place that suits you. Our sales consultant can then go through the locations we have land and find a floor plan you like. From there we can price it up accordingly and arm you with the necessary knowledge to move forward with our reputable building company. We love happy customers and we take pride in every single home we build. So contact our company today and have a friendly chat over a cup of coffee on how we can help your housing dream come true.

  • What are the financial advantages of a house and land package as an investment?

    Whilst buying a home and land package to live in can be a great way to build your dream home at an affordable price, many people purchasing in this way are property investors. In fact house and land packages make the best property investments for a variety of reasons.
    Maintenance: With a new home there are less maintenance expenses, and therefore less complaints from tenants. Often the unforseen costs of hot water systems breaking down, or major repairs really add up to put a dent in the profits of your investment home. With a brand new dwelling these are far less likely as everything is in perfect working order and comes with guarantees.
    Tenants: Secure a great tenant and charge more rent. New homes attract a better clientele of tenant. They will report less maintenance issues, which means you can get on with building your portfolio.
    Incentives: These change from time to time. But there are more government incentives on offer on a state and federal level for new homes. This is because it is in the economy' best interest to promote the construction industry.
    Depreciation: By purchasing a new home, you are entitled to full depreciation benefits. This is in the amount of a theoretical loss. An accountant will prepare a depreciation schedule based on the building costs and useful lifespan. This will count as a deduction an offset your tax.
    Stamp Duty: When you purchase a fully built new home, you pay stamp duty on the entire purchase price. When you purchase a house and land package Adelaide, you pay stamp duty on the purchase of the land only. The savings here are often up to $8,000.
    Reduce Tax: As many new homes are negatively geared, you can reduce your taxable income whilst still building a property portfolio. It's a great way to ensure your tax dollars end up in an investment rather than the ATO.