• Auto Repairs in Noarlunga

  • For a mechanical repairs and maintenance team, contact us. At Aldershot Service Centre, we keep you moving. You can book in a standard car service from $80, or any other auto task such as tune-ups, air conditioning, brakes, and repairs. We pride our long, 28-year history on the quality of our service. If you live in Noarlunga SA 5168, we’re your local mechanical and auto repair team. You can find us close by at 2/4 Aldershot Road Lonsdale SA 5160. Ben Newman can be your mechanic too. Call him today, or Karl, on 8384 6033. We’re open weekdays between 8.00-5.00pm, and on Saturday from 8.00-12.00pm. 

  • Find a local mechanic

    At Aldershot, we love cars. It’s more than just getting A to B for us. All of us rely on our cars to get us around. This is why we do our best to make the repair process as smooth as possible for you. No hassle. No long wait times. We offer both loan cars and drop-off services for when your car is in with us. 

    Talk to us about the following services:

    • Logbook services
    • Major & minor services
    • Scanning & diagnostics
    • Clutch service & repairs
    • Exhaust service & repairs
    • Auto transmission flush
    • Battery checks & replacements
    • Fuel suspension checks
    • Cooling system service & repairs
    • Timing belt replacement
    • Cylinder head repairs
    • Mechanical repairs. 
  • Suspension

    Noticed your car pulling in other directions? Hard to drive straight? Well, it might not be your wheel alignment. Your car’s suspension plays a key role in how well it handles. A regular suspension service will help you continue driving comfortably. We’ll check the suspension and steering system of your car to make sure there are no underlying issues. This service is extremely important for boosting the life of your tyres. Our technicians are familiar with suspension systems and can look at yours today. 

  • Do I need roadside assistance?

    If you own a new car, you might question whether you need roadside assistance, like RAA. No matter how old your car is, having extra assistance is always a smart idea. Of course, we’re here for you, but having an emergency team to help you when you’re stuck on the side of the road offers great peace of mind.

    Look after your investment, your car, by working with us. Come and say hi to Ben today or call 8384 6033. We’re close to your Noarlunga home.