• Solar Battery Storage Systems in Mount Barker

  • All State Solar

    Are you considering a solar battery storage system for your Mount Barker home or business? AllState Solar are the number one choice for solar systems and installations throughout the nation. This Australian owned and operated company has 25 years’ experience to draw upon in the solar and home improvement industries. All their representatives are fully licensed and accredited with the major governing industry bodies. These include the: Clean Energy Council, Australian Solar Council, Master Builder Association and Housing Industry Association. When you choose to go solar, you want the assurance of dealing with a reputable provider. Call for a free quote from AllState Solar on 1300 166 477.

    Home Battery Systems

    Technology has changed the game forever when it comes to generating and storing energy from the sun. The advent of cost effective home battery system means that an off grid existence is now possible throughout Australia. Liberating and energising solar systems are freeing Australian homes and businesses from the excessive charges of the electricity companies. AllState Solar service all areas, which means that you can get a home battery system to make your lifestyle more self-sufficient. They have helped hundreds of home owners reduce their power bills right around the country.

    The Solar Storage Revolution

    Lithium-ion batteries are revolutionising the solar storage conundrum. What used to be expensive and unwieldy with lead acid batteries, is now a functioning reality with these next generation solar storage batteries. AllState Solar have a range of hybrid solar battery storage systems to consider and provide manufacturers’ warranties with their batteries. Reputable brands of inverters and batteries include: Solax, Sun Grow, SMA, Sunny Boy, Pylontech and LG Chem. Inverters channel energy produced from the sun to appliances and battery backups, so that you have power when you really need it. Solar power has come of age on the 21st century.

    Battery Backups in Mount Barker

    As government feed-in tariffs have disappeared, solar power is now about storing energy for maximum home or business use. Next generation battery backup systems are now making this possible for domestic and commercial use. These new batteries are smaller, lighter, lower maintenance and have a high performance cycle life. AllState Solar can advise you on the right hybrid solar battery storage system for your household or business. Already, prices for these are beginning to come down, as the market responds positively to this technological innovation. For competitively priced battery backup systems in South Australia, talk to an AllState Solar representative today. Get a free quote on your installation.