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  • Managing Your Rental Property

    Owning an investment property can be a fulltime job. Managing tenants, ensuring your property is well-maintained and dealing with the legalities and documentation can be a real headache. Altus realty take all the hard work out of owning an investment. They take care of all of the intricacies of property management so you can get back to dealing with more important things.

    From advertising the property to finding the perfect tenant, the team, who are conveniently located near Mawson Lakes, are here to help you to manage your whole property portfolio, or look after your little nest egg. A sophisticated, boutique realty team, Altus take the hard work out of property management so your property can work for you.

  • Realty Management by locals

    Conveniently located near Main North Road, just opposite the Aldi store, Altus Property Management are local. We know the area and our clientele, so we understand what you need. Whether your property is residential or commercial, we know our area and we know our people, so we can find the perfect match when it comes to screening tenants and managing your investment.

  • Residential Leasing

    Choosing the right tenant for your home is a priority when we are managing your property. We complete regular routine inspections to ensure your property is well maintained and your tenant is happy. Our highly skilled, professional team cover all angles to make sure from the beginning until the end of the lease, your property is safe, properly preserved, and protected.

    We want long lasting relationships between you, your tenant and our staff, so we are with you every step of the way. We screen our tenants thoroughly and communicate with you so you are part of the process.

    We are local, so we use local services for your property’s maintenance and repairs. Your investment is in good hands with Altus Property Management.

  • Commercial Leasing

    Do you have a commercial property, office, building or warehouse to lease? We have the knowledge and skills to manage the process and the property for you. We will find a tenant to match your property to ensure you’re getting the most out of your commercial investment, and your tenant is in the right place. Our rates are reasonable and we are committed to the safety and success of your property.

  • Meet Our Home Rentals Team

    We’re right near Mawson Lakes, so come and stop by our brand new office, or give us a call to talk about property management office and how we can make your investment work for you.