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    Flicking through home magazines and catalogues, dreaming of that new bathroom? Well, you’re in luck. We help homeowners in Balhannah install new bathrooms at an affordable price. We believe you deserve the best bathroom you could possibly have, even if you have a limited budget. Live fabulously, and start with your bathroom.

    What to consider when renovating your bathroom

    Your bathroom may be a small room, but it’s got big potential. Various professional tradespeople need to work coordinated, to renovate a bathroom, efficiently and effectively. Planning is crucial.

    Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start to renovate your bathroom.

    • Will the bathroom be an ensuite or a self-contained space?
    • Will you be restructuring the room? Do you need to factor in altering the floor, removing walls and installing baths etc.
    • Will you need to add laundry facilities? You might need a plumber, too.

    About Us

    We’re a professional bathroom renovation company, working only on bathrooms. Our experienced team will help you bring your new bathroom to life. The materials we use are extremely important, and we’ll select them according to your taste, lifestyle and budget – not just what we think will be suitable.

    We love bringing ideas to life – whether it’s an entire new design or just a refresh with some new taps and paintwork. While we do our best to keep the price as affordable as possible, we always remind our customers that a revamped bathroom is an investment. It will increase the value of your house and the value of your everyday life.

    Let us help take your bathroom ideas and create a personalised design for you.

    What makes a good ensuite renovation?

    Ensuite renovations work best when they cover these five points. They are closely tied to how you use your bathroom and what you need it for.

    Think about the following five things:

    1. Your morning routine, from the entry point
    2. Anything extra that you may require, such as a medicine cabinet
    3. The size of your vanity – is it just you using it?
    4. Where the bath, shower, and towel racks are situated – your workflow
    5. Lighting, for your needs

    Each of these points focuses on functionality and how you move around your ensuite. Your ensuite should be an extension of your bedroom, so make sure it works for you.

    Give us a call today to share your bathroom renovation ideas. Let’s get the ball rolling!