• Solar in Elizabeth

  • Greener Housing Solutions are devoted to spreading the benefits of installing solar energy systems to homes in Elizabeth as well as to businesses and commercial buildings alike. A South Australian company, owned and operated by Darren English for more than 10 years, Greener Housing Solutions have positioned themselves as an industry frontrunner in Elizabeth to offer you premium service, supply and delivery of your new solar energy system. Working with only the most qualified and appropriately licensed electricians and tradespeople, we are equipped to attend to your traditional electrical work, including the supply and installation of your ‘ecoflo’ heating and cooling system, rainwater tanks, LED lights and using thermal imaging appliances to survey your electrical equipment and components.

  • Superb Solar

    Solar energy is a renewable source that is fast becoming a mainstream energy alternative. The sun powering our energy systems is free and who doesn’t love something that’s free. Further to that though, going solar is sensible and attractive due to the ever increasing high electricity rates combined with the financial incentives and rebates from your government. Simply put the rays of the sun shine down on the panels, each containing many photovoltaic (PV) cells, which is where the conversion from light to energy takes place. This energy is then a resource you may use to power your needs instead of through your usual electricity provider. Excess energy produced can be directed back to the grid which is where the real savings add up as well as in the battery backup system, if you choose to have that installed as part of your overall package. Greener Housing Solutions are proud to service all areas of Elizabeth and the north, in installing solar energy systems to enable monetary savings to the consumer and environmental savings to the worlds ecology. Additional to these benefits, you are staying ahead of rising energy costs, increasing your property value and creating local jobs. 

  • Greener Housing Solutions

    Advocates for the many benefits of energy solutions, including the reduction of household energy bills as well as savings to the environment, one call to Greener Housing Solutions will action an on-site visit, free consultation and quote. Enthusiastic, to say the least, about all aspects of solar, Darren English is energised to design a system specific to your home and family needs. Each home will have a unique footprint and composition and the design will reflect this, which may help determine the solar equipment best suited to your home and needs. Greener Housing Solutions can supply and install all types of equipment and can then follow up with servicing, panel cleaning, routine maintenance, upgrades and battery backup fittings. We are able to assist with a repayment package over 36 months with an interest free option, if required. Make your call to Greener Housing Solutions today to put your energy system into action and start reaping the real rewards of the sun.