• Plumbers in Mt Osmond

  • Let our friendly neighbourhood plumbing experts at Mt Osmond help you. Whether it is an emergency or you need maintenance and want to put your mind to rest, our team at Affordable Adelaide Plumber can get you sorted. Available day and night. Same-day plumbing, gas fitting service. No call out fees. Pensioner discounts available. Mention website for online discounts.

  • Hot Water

    Few can deny the pleasures of a hot shower which makes it that much more frustrating when the system breaks down. Problems become obvious when water runs too hot or simply isn’t hot enough, the water tank emanates noises or if water smells foul. The team at Affordable Adelaide Plumber specialises in electric, gas and solar water heaters and can repair or replace the unit. Free quotes on replacement. Plumbers available any time of day or night.

    Leaking Taps

    The sound of water dripping down the sink tap can be disturbing. Before the issue grows out of proportion and gnaws at your hip pocket, call your friendly neighbourhood team that can put you at ease again. They also know what’s gurgling away in your sink mixer, shower, basin, laundry sink, garden tap and water filter. What’s more, their vans carry a variety of taps and fittings to repair or install on the spot. While at it, why not try a water-saving tap? Wise decision!

  • Burst Pipes

    There are plenty of reasons why a pipe bursts including its long use, vagaries of weather and damage. And they can happen at any time. This alarming situation calls for prompt action. As a first step, turn off your water meter which is usually near the front boundary of your property. Then call an expert. Luckily, the people who can help are just around the corner. An emergency one-hour response is icing on the cake. Water leaks, broken storm water or sewer pipes as well as copper, galvanised, poly and pex pipe issues are on their list. 

  • Blocked Drains

    What’s to like in a blocked drain? Hair, food scraps and grease can clog pipes. Tree roots in search of a water source nearby can get too close to drains and eventually crack them up while those pretty autumn leaves can actually be disaster in disguise. But these all too common issues and other problems in drains, sinks, toilets and shower basins have been resolved before by your neighbourhood plumbing specialists. They are just a call away. They can also clear out, repair or excavate drains, conduct CCTV sewers inspection, get to the bottom of tree root problems, handle collapsed drains, destroy foreign objects in the drain and treat rain or storm water damage. Costs from as low as $69.

    Call us now! As emergency plumbers we can see you night or day 24/7. And don’t forget, there is NO CALL OUT FEE.