• Dive School Fleurieu Peninsula

  • For everything scuba diving and freediving in Adelaide, visit the Dive Shack. We have an international reputation for quality, safety and great value diving courses and equipment. We offer all types of diving courses, boat charters, diving travel trips, and an online store to get all of your gear. One of our major diving sites is the Fleurieu Peninsula. It’s a nice half an hour drive from the city and has some of our state’s incredible diving locations. We regularly visit places such as Rapid Bay Jetty, the Blowhole, Whale Bones, and Close to the Adelaide city, we’re a PADI Training Facility. Visit us at 46 Richmond Road Keswick or call 8371 5822. Want to know what’s going on at the Dive Shack? Check out our online calendar. 

  • Always wanted to dive? Learn now.

    Learn to dive with our 14 professional instructors. Start with the basics, and enrol in our Try Scuba Diving and Open Water courses. Work your way up to Advanced, Professional and Specialist courses. Contact us with any questions you have about our diving packages. 

  • Freedive SA’s coast

    Love the idea of diving with no equipment? Learn how to rely on your own breath until resurfacing, instead of using equipment such as scuba gear. We the only school with a freediving instructor on staff, so we’re the best team to show you how it’s done. Start at Level 1 and progress through to Level 3, until you’re a certified freediver. 

  • Buy scuba diving equipment

    Get everything you need to begin your diving adventure. Browse our online shop for diving gear, snorkelling gear, freediving and spearfishing equipment, swim gear, tech diving gear, and triathlon gear. We’ll get you into the finest gear, from head to toe. Some of our leading brands include Atomic Aquatics, Aqua Lung, SeaQuest, and Technisub. 

  • Dive charters in SA

    Cruise our South Australian waters with a group of 10 divers in the Nautic-Nomad. We’ll visit some of our state’s incredible diving sites. Bring a group or come solo – it doesn’t matter. Our vessel is purpose-built for diving and we have lots of fun exploring our seas.  

  • International dive sites

    Always wanted to go diving in Indonesia? What about Tonga or Vanuatu? Join our dive travel trips and explore some of the world’s best diving sites. We organise frequent adventures for our Adelaide divers. Learn more about our upcoming trips on our website.

    Call us on 8371 5822 or come and talk to us about our Fleurieu Peninsula boat charters. Our centre opening hours are Monday to Thursday 10.00-6.30pm, Friday 10.00-7.30pm, Saturday 8.30-5.00pm, and Sunday 12.30-5.00pm.