• Air Conditioning in Willunga

    Do you require a contractor in Willunga for your household or business? WHITE AIR SERVICES are the trusted name in air-conditioning servicing the Fleurieu Peninsula region. They can install, service and repair all types of air conditioning. Whether you have wall splits, reverse cycle ducted, evaporative, ducted central heating, Ductair or variable refrigerant systems they can fix them all. Call WHITE AIR SERVICES

  • Energy Efficient Split System & Reverse Cycle Ducted

    Energy efficient air conditioning means cost savings for your home or business in Willunga. New generation air con systems are using 21st century technologies to deliver greener and cheaper air-conditioning. Your existing air conditioner is very likely costing you money. Talk to the experts in air-conditioning about the right kind of air conditioner for your home or business. We all require different things for our unique set of circumstances; and getting the right air-conditioner is half the battle. Make an informed choice this year and you may just save a lot of money.

  • Regular Servicing Delivers Better Results

    Reduce airborne bacteria, improve the quality of your air; and the functioning of your air con system with regular servicing. Domestic reverse cycle air-conditioners require annual servicing; a failure to do so can result in a voided warranty. Filters need to be cleaned regularly. A WHITE AIR SERVICES technician can quickly and effectively service your Willunga air conditioning unit.