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    O’Halloran Hill (5158), in Adelaide’s south, is a great suburb that’s easily accessible to the city. If you’re currently renting there and you’re looking to make it your home for good, let Advantage Finance get you a home loan. But not just any home loan… a loan that’s customised to your individual needs. And Grant Renshaw from Advantage Finance is the man to make it happen. Grant's Australian Credit License number is 384510. Get in touch with us today!

    Mortgage broker

    A mortgage broker isn’t a must, but they’re certainly someone you will want on your side. Going up against the banks can seem like a battle – but not with a broker on your team.

    We’ll make sure we cover all grounds, including:

    • Negotiating

    We negotiate on your behalf, making sure you end up with the very best option. This means you’ll get a loan that’s custom made for you.

    • Making sure you can afford the loan

    We crunch the numbers and do the math for you. We’ll figure out how much you can afford, according to your savings and monthly income. We won’t put your on a structure that’s out of your reach. We actually care that you enjoy your new house, not just get you into it. 

    • Thinking into the future

    You might have plans to renovate your home or update it, so refinancing could be an option down the track. We make sure your new loan offers enough flexibility to refinance later on.

    About Advantage Finance

    Want the advantage over others? With Advantage Finance’s help, you’ll get into the home of your dreams – at the best price possible.

    We promise to:

    • Assist you to develop your complete financial goals
    • Deliver personal service – from enquiry to completion
    • Support you through ongoing services for the life of your loan… not just settlement.
    • Help you develop a substantial property portfolio.

    We’ve been in the financing business for over a decade. We work with over 30 lenders, which are the best in the bank business. Companies like: 

    • Adelaide Bank
    • Advantedge
    • ANZ
    • Bank SA
    • Bankwest
    • Citibank
    • Commonwealth Bank
    • GE Money
    • ING
    • La Trobe Financial
    • Liberty Financial
    • NAB
    • Suncorp Group
    • Macquarie Bank.

    Building your wealth is in reach. And the best place to start is with property. You don’t need to be a millionaire. Property is your ticket to financial freedom. And you just need a team who knows what their doing… Advantage Finance.