• Mobile Mechanic in Elizabeth

  • Affordable Mobile Mechanic

    Like anything, prevention is better than cure. But sometimes, time just gets away from us and we forget to take our car in for a service. Whether you’ve just remembered or you’re loudly reminded because your car’s just broken down, give us a call. Our Mobile Mechanic team will get your car back on the road, purring like it’s never purred before. Call us today. We can come out to your Elizabeth home or to where you’ve broken down. Hassle-free!

    About Us

    Forget about waiting at a workshop on your day off or during your holidays. Get our mobile mechanics to come to you, when you want. We can perform any of the following services: 

    • A log book service
    • Auto air conditioning servicing
    • Diesel services
    • Check your brakes
    • Review your suspension
    • Conduct repairs
    • Fixing brakes
    • Steering
    • Cooling systems
    • Radiators.

    If there’s something specific you need help with, let us know. Let’s get on top of the problem before it’s too late.

    Brakes not working well?

    Have you noticed your brakes are a little sluggish? Maybe they’re screeching or jerking. Whatever the signs you’re noticing, your brakes are something you want to address quickly. They’re probably the most important part of your car – keeping you safe on the road. Our brake service includes a thorough brake system evaluation and brake pad replacement. We’ll do whatever we need to do, to bring you back to safety. No more vibrations. No more noise. No more worrying about whether your brakes need to be replaced.  

    Auto air conditioning

    It’s summer, and you’re driving with the windows down. Ok, it’s time to get us to look at your air conditioner. Our team will service and repair auto air conditioning units, within minutes. Our guys are expert auto technicians, with a specific focus on air conditioning. Over time, your air conditioner fittings will become lose, hoses and seals wear out, and your cool blast of air turns into a weak, humid push of air.

    When temperatures rise, there’s nothing quite like stepping into a cool car. Let us get this blast back, just in time for summer. The moment you notice your air turn warm, get in touch. The sooner we can get onto this the better.