• Laser Tattoo Removal Goodwood

  • There are many reasons to remove and fade tattoos. In fact, McCrindle researchers have discovered that 27% of people in Australia who have tattoos have at least one tattoo they regret. But if you’re one of these 27%, you need not fear: We are here to help with our tattoo removal, fading and cover up services. If you’re from Goodwood and your tattoo no longer suits its purpose, you want to re-invent its design, or you just want to claim your skin back, our company can offer a solution that is local, convenient, and cost-effective. Give your skin a second chance with our company.


    People evolve through life, and as they evolve they have new experiences, new perspectives, and new ideas. And with our highly trained tattoo artists and technicians, there’s no reason why your tattoo can’t evolve with you. At our company, we will harness the unrealized potential of your existing tattoo with our fading and cover up services. Within just 3-5 treatments, we will be able to fade your current tattoo enough to use elements of the design for a brand new piece. Your tattoo should be a reflection of the person you are today, not just the person you were. At our business, we give you the chance to express your new self, built on a design that pays homage to the old piece. 


    The RevLite SI is a revelation in tattoo removal technology. Versatile and fast operating, the RevLite SI can perform a full treatment on a tattoo in as little as 60 seconds, and can fade all colors of ink, from blacks to blues, to the harder to break up fluorescent greens and yellows. The RevLite SI works by sending light energy just below the surface of the skin which in turn breaks up ink deposits so they can be dispelled from the body by the body’s natural processes. Treatments with the RevLite SI are completely safe for all people and all skin types, as confirmed in more than 50 peer reviewed papers. And the RevLite SI is also not as painful as other methods, with the sensation of treatment often compared to having your skin snapped with a rubber band. We can remove your entire tattoo with the RevLite SI within 5-15 treatments depending on your personal circumstance. Treatments with the RevLite SI start at an (enquire for prices) minimum each. 


    We are a team of experienced and established artists and technicians with a passion for helping people feel comfortable in their skin. We like to build close, collaborative relationships with our clients during their treatment to ensure they get the results they desire for a price that is reasonable. We put results ahead of profits, so any time you come to have a tattoo removed, faded, or covered up by us you will know that your service will be conducted with the utmost care and professionalism.