• Property Management in Reynella

  • Managing with Integrity

    In the market for a property manager for your Reynella residence? For professional property management think Adelaide South Property. They have the experience and high quality people on-board to successfully manage your South Australian property. There are good returns on investment through rental income if you have the right tenant. Adelaide South Property have an excellent track record in achieving best practice outcomes for their clients. Take the hassle out of being a landlord and put your property into the safest hands in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. Talk to one of their property managers today about what they offer.

  • Renting & Landlords

    Adelaide South Property, as the name suggests, have your investment property covered in the south of the city. Their portfolio of managed properties returns industry best ‘on time’ rental incomes. They will set you on the path to consistent and pain free returns on your investment through their professional property management skills. It all begins with how you present your Reynella property to prospective tenants. Adelaide South Property will show you how to best present your residence to attract top line tenants. ‘A good home will attract good people,’ this is their tried and true mantra.

  • Good Tenants

    Setting the right kind of standard early on, means that your tenants know what is expected of them and most often meet those expectations. A good tenant for your Reynella residence can provide fruitful and stable income for many years, if managed effectively. It is like most relationships, a two way street, if both parties meet their obligations, then, a profitable and harmonious result ensues. Adelaide South Property do not tolerate rental arrears, as this is a breach of the leasehold agreement. Good communication between parties is the key to avoiding this situation and your property manager knows the importance of this. You can insure yourself through Landlord Insurance to cover worst case scenarios.

  • Professional Management

    Having your Reynella property managed takes the pitfalls out of being a landlord. Regular routine property inspections by Adelaide South Property ensure that your property is being maintained in excellent condition throughout the leasehold period. Their property managers take these inspections very seriously and treat your residence as if it was their own. Clear ground rules are the key to property maintenance by tenants and the vigilant monitoring of them by your property manager on your behalf. Get peace of mind and great returns on your investment with their professional property management.