• Carpet Cleaning in Elizabeth

  • If you’re in Elizabeth, a suburb named after a queen, but your carpet isn’t fit for one, you should check out our services. We are the only place to go for all of Elizabeth’s cleaning needs. We specialize in interior and exterior cleaning of homes and commercial properties, and we do anything from carpet cleaning, upholsteries, tiles and grout, and even bring your entire property up to code with our End of Lease services for those troublesome End of Lease inspections. We have 20 years experience erasing dirt and grime, our cleaners is highly trained, and our machinery is second-to-none. So why not give us a call for a FREE quote? Don’t settle for less than the best. Our services will give you a DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE EVERY TIME. 


    Are there stains in your carpet you simply can’t seem to wash out?  It’s time to bring in the professionals. We’ve never seen a stain we can’t contain, a spill we can’t kill, or bacteria that isn’t inferior to our patented steam cleaning solutions. Don’t allow your carpet to be an eyesore that detracts from your décor. Don’t let untold mould take hold, causing all sorts of health problems to unfold. Our cleaners are experts in the field, and we pride ourselves on our results, and ability to satisfy our valued customers. We bring the best out of your floors and rugs today! 


    It is easy to let your rental home or office slowly go to ruin, but as your lease ends, it is time to get the property you’ve been entrusted with back into shape with us. Our cleaning professionals will scrub, sanitize, polish, and steam clean all imaginable surfaces, while always using the best techniques, chemicals and machinery to guarantee the best clean possible. We will leave the place sparkling, and our results will make your landlord beg you to come back or continue your stay. Our End of Lease cleaning solutions will definitely help you pass your inspection, have your lease renewed, or receive your bond back! 


    Have you got a lounge chair that is in desperate need of some love and care? We will be the cupid to its lonely heart with our patented upholstery cleaning services. There is no reason to let your lounge chairs and fabrics age and depreciate in front of your very eyes. You don’t need to allow stains, spills and bacteria to build on your favorite couch, eroding it from the inside whilst harmful bacteria grows and affects your air quality on the outside. We will professionally steam clean your upholsteries, adding years of life to them and eliminating possible health risks to you! 


    And while you’re showing some much needed love to your upholstery, you might want to see to the needs of your mattress as well. Mattresses can be breeding grounds for all types of nasty bacteria, and seeing as you spend more than one-third of your life in bed, it is important that you have your mattress cleaned as much as possible to avoid the health risks that come with sleeping in unsanitary conditions. But you need not worry too much; we are on the case. We will have your mattress washed, sanitized, and given right back to for a price that will make sleep easy.


    Unlike most flooring, tiles and grout do not respond well to traditional cleaning methods. Mopping can actually send grime further into the grout, which can cause discoloration and a myriad of other problems. The only way to guarantee that your tiling looks great – and actually is great – is by calling us. We will clean, strip and then seal your tiling to ensure that your grout remains stain free, and your tiles look as good as the day they were set. We are Elizabeth’s experts in all types of cleaning, so it’s only natural that we will be able to work wonders with your tiles and grout.