• Eyelash Extensions Mawson Lakes

    Eyelash extensions add volumes to your life, literally. The Doll House specialise in all manner of eyelash extension methods as well as supplementary eye treatments such as waxing, eyebrow threading, tinting, curling and general shaping. Once thought of as only a high end celebrity fashion treatment, the popularity of eyelash extensions continues to increase. Our team at The Doll House ensures that current trends and techniques are always being maintained so we can pass this on to our valuable clientele from around Adelaide including those from marvelous Mawson Lakes. Make an appointment today to visit with us at The Doll House in Ward St, North Adelaide to discuss your beauty needs or eyelash extension questions.

  • Long Lustrous Lashes

    They say your eyes are the window to your soul. Whether you agree with that or not, why not have the window to your soul adorned with beautiful long lashes. We are equipped to affix lashes ranging in length from 6mm to 17mm, adhering them to your individual existing lashes until the desired look and volume is achieved. Our premium eyelash extensions are either synthetic, silk or mink. We are committed to providing materials that are safe, durable and high quality. Application of a full set of lashes may take up to two hours and should last six to eight weeks. The natural process of your own lashes falling out in that time frame will effect the eyelash extension to fall out as well. In order to maintain your eyelashes and eyelash extensions to continue looking as good as possible, we recommend touch up visits three to four weekly. It is reported one of the largest advantages of having eyelash extensions is that the necessity to wear mascara is removed. It actually appears that your eyes already have been volumised with mascara just by having the eyelash extensions in place. Imagine no more having to wash off your mascara constantly and no more panda eyes!!

  • Salon Services

    The Doll House offer services ranging from a quick pick me up half hour facial through to the ultimate day spa special occasion which includes top to toe indulgences. Manicures, pedicures, massages, spray tans, make up applications, peels, lifts, dermabrasion, wraps, aromatherapy, waxing, eyelash extensions and so on. If it is in the field of beauty or anti ageing, we cover it. Our Doll House boutique premises invite you in, you are warmly welcomed by our friendly staff and treated to top notch service and professionally delivered treatments. Our services are detailed on our website and lists our prices for each service. We consider our pricing very good value for money and competitive in the beauty market place. We invite you to make an appointment and feel indulged as you should.