• Solar Battery Storage Systems in Port Pirie

  • AllState Solar

    Looking into a solar battery storage system for your Port Pirie, SA home or business? AllState Solar is the industry leader when it comes to national solar installations and home improvements. With 25 years’ experience and Australia wide coverage, they can organise your home battery system sooner. AllState Solar are fully licensed and accredited with the Australian Solar Council, Clean Energy Council, Master Builder Association and Housing Industry Association. Locally owned and operated, they understand Australian conditions for all their solar products. For your best deal on reliable and guaranteed solar systems call 1300 166 477.

    Competitively Priced Battery Backups

    AllState Solar have quality hybrid solar battery systems competitively priced to suit most budgets. Today, it is all about storing energy for future use when it comes to solar energy. The government feed-in tariffs have dried up; and those committed to alternative energies want their solar system to deliver maximum energy at home. The incredible advances in solar batteries through lithium-ion technology, now, mean solar power can work in all types of weather and all times of the day. With an AllState Solax inverter and Pylontech LFP, or Sungrow inverter and LG Chem lithium battery, you can maximise your self-consumption of solar energy produced at home or at work.

    Solar Storage or Off Grid in Port Pirie

    AllState Solar can design and install an off grid solar system or hybrid solar battery storage system for your home or business in Port Pirie. Solar storage is now a viable option with smaller, lighter, and longer lasting, high performance lithium batteries. Already, prices are beginning to come down, as the market takes up these ground breaking products. Freedom from the gouging electricity companies is leaving a sweet taste in the mouths of residents and business owners, especially in regional areas.

    Home Battery Systems

    At AllState Solar you can choose from a range of award winning home battery systems. Their expert consultants will help you select the right solar storage battery system for your domestic or commercial requirements. Batteries come with their manufacturer’s warranties and you can expect 10 years on the LG Chem lithium battery. Long lasting batteries delivering high performances over their life cycles. Solar power is starting to deliver on the promises of a better and greener future for Australians. The twenty first century will be solar power's century, as it increases its effectiveness and the number of homes powered by solar continues to rise globally. A big part of that will be due to these new solar battery storage systems.