• Electricians St Peters

    If you are searching for a qualified electrician in St Peters, remember the name. we has assembled a team of specialist electrical technicians who are experienced in solar, LED lighting, energy efficiency, home theatre, home automation and general electrical servicing. With 6 fully equipped vans on the road, we are your rapid response emergency electrical repair team. Whether you require commercial or residential electrical servicing, they are your best option in the City of Norwood. Call us.

  • Electrical Services in St Peters SA 5069

    we can rewire your St Peters’ home or building, install new power points or light switches, dimmers, LED lighting, all indoor and outdoor lighting systems, install home theatres, home automation systems, smoke alarms, safety checks, energy audits, solar, emergency repairs and all general electrical work. No job is too small and no job too big!

  • Solar Power

    Adelaide is a solar city, with South Australian climatic conditions eminently suitable for solar power. We have the largest take-up of solar energy in the country. We has designed and installed PV solar systems for a range of domestic and commercial applications. Talk to one of their technicians about your solar situation today. Free power from the sun to run your appliances; how does it get any better than that?

  • LED Lighting

    LED lighting is taking the world by storm. This innovative new lighting technology can transform your home, showroom, restaurant or office. It offers incredible design flexibility; in addition to its fantastic energy efficiency and durability. LED is the smart choice in lighting. we have have tailor made LED lighting applications for a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. Step up in St Peters and outshine your neighbours and competitors. Talk to one of their technicians today.

  • Home Automations Systems

    The future is here today with home automation systems. Imagine controlling lighting, sound and interactivity with all your appliances and devices at the touch of a screen. Star Trek eat your heart out. Make your residence even more in every way. Call us

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  • Customer Service 100% Satisfaction

    We puts their customers first. Get Up Front pricing with no hidden charges on all electrical work. They arrive on time at the agreed time. Appointments are given a small window of time, so that you are not kept waiting around all day. Their technicians call you on approach. For fast, friendly and reliable electrical servicing in St Peters, call us today.