• Air Conditioning in Hackham West

  • When it comes to electricity, leave it to the experts. WHITE AIR SERVICES your local electrical and air conditioning team. For current homeowners, we offer end-to-end heating and cooling services, from installations to maintenance. If you’re building a house, let’s include a ducted system in the plan. We’ll take care of everything for you. The electrical side of our business includes services such as rewiring, new installation, maintenance, lighting, solar power, and small construction projects. Hire an experienced, qualified and accredited team of technicians to work on your investment. Contact us now to visit your Hackham property. 


  • Evaporative A/C

    Thinking about you’re A/C system options? Evaporative air is popular because systems are affordable, have a long lifespan, and low running cost. They function by drawing in large volumes of air through water soaked pads. When water evaporates, heat is drawn from the air travelling through the pads – making the air cooler. If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of evaporative cooling systems, we’d be happy to help you. 

  • Common air conditioning problems  

    Your air conditioner will ‘tell you’ when there’s something wrong. Look out and listen for the signs – odd smells, strange noises, warm air blowing out and an increased power bill. It could be due to faulty wiring, low refrigerant, a broken fan, poor functioning unit or an issue with the coil.  

    Have you noticed any of these issues with your system? It could be starting to fault.

    Contact our team and we’ll have it up and running in no time. With summer just around the corner, it’s a good idea to have your system checked to avoid breakdowns on hot, sticky days. We recommend having us inspect your air conditioning every six months. 

  • Our electricians

    We have over seven years of experience working on various types of electrical projects. Our men take pride in meeting the rigorous demands of our broad client base – for electrical installations, additions and repairs, air conditioning, general building work, and property maintenance. Whether you need assistance to improve your existing building or you’re starting a new project, contact an  electrician. 

    We support Hackham West SA 5163 residents on all their electrical, heating and cooling needs. Partner with us if you need a local, reliable and affordable team for your house, too. Talk to one of our technicians today